J.A.C.K Sanctuary
How to help

How to help

J.A.C.K. relies solely on your donations!

J.A.C.K. can’t work all alone and needs your help. To take care of one chimpanzee costs more than USD 1500,00  a year and although we try to get local sponsors and to fundraise locally, it isn’t enough! Our rescued friends are getting bigger and stronger,  need more space, and that’s why new facilities and more land are needed.

Also, if more new comers are arriving, they’ll need attention, love & care, extra space and adapted enclosures. Today, J.A.C.K. has reached its full capacity and really needs your support to give these orphans the best!


Do you want to take part into our action?

Do you want to follow us? to help us?


So, select one of the options below and don’t hesitate to ask your friends to do the same. We really need your help! Be sure that all proceeds of your support will go straight to the orphans to cover food and medical care.










  1. Louise Quinn

    This donation was made as a Christmas gift to our daughter Christine Cichetti and her husband Kevin as we know how much they appreciate what you do.


  2. cart lamy janelle

    bonjour, je suis tres touchee par votre action et je me demande si il est possible de venir faire du benevolat chez vous???? bonne continuation et bon courage.

  3. Yes, thank you so much, dear Elizabeth! Your donation via Paypal arrived and will help us a lot! I have sent you a “thank you’ card two days ago, didn’t you receive it???
    Hope all is well for you and that you are enjoying this festive season…
    Much love from us all, R.

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