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15 FEVRIER – JOURNÉE MONDIALE DU PANGOLIN – Ces créatures vulnérables sont l'espèce animale la plus braconnée au monde. Soutenons les actions qui les encadrent! Ils ont besoin de nous!–FEBRUARY 15th – WORLD PANGOLIN DAY–#wildlife #pangolin #sauvonslesanimaux

Posted by JACK – Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga on Saturday, 15 February 2020

 ON FEBRUARY THE 14th, LOVE will be celebrated!

Offering the sponsorship of a chimp orphan would be a very special present as it would be totaly different from the traditional flowers, jewelry, perfume… Sponsoring a chimpanzee will for sure be unique for your partner and represent great support for the young orphan rescued from the bushmeat trade!

Tommy, Luna, Nalia and their friends are waiting to become dear to your heart

ARMED RANGERS AT J.A.C.K are important as fighting the trade of endangered species doesn’t always bring you friends! Many thanks to the DRC wildlife authority (ICCN) for giving us Rangers and many thanks to IPPL to help us provide the best to the two Rangers!

CHITA  was already wearing that name before his arrival at lubumbashi zoo. So we kept it…

Chita is a young male and must have been about 2 years old when he arrived in j.a.c.k.

He spent the beginning of his young life in a congolese family. But, becoming too dangerous for them, he was gived to the lubumbashi zoo and we then recovered it.

We called him the “boss” because he always had the build and strength to move forward with the group.
Only, the arrival of a male older than him in the group has changed everything.

Today, he still has a place in the group and always gets respect.

To sponsor one of our chimpanzees and know a little more about their stories, it’s over here on our website

Thank you for following us 🥰

Some animals are better parents than others…

Our keepers are used to hide pieces of fruits (vegetables or other festivities) into our day areas !

It looks like Vida found some of these little hidden surprises, and doesn’t hesitate to taste it all in the high grass for more tranquility 😄

Today, our volunteer Julie is preparing a nice surprise to our chimps!

It is important for our chimpanzees to receive enrichments, which allows them daily to have fun and make discoveries.

Thank you Julie, they will LOVE IT !

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