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This morning our team wished to thank all the young kids for their beautiful drawings!!


Kids between 5 to 12 sent encouraging drawings to our keepers. What a beautiful initiative! So happy for our staff!

So grateful J.A.C.K. is made of wonderful, passionate and devoted staff!

I am soooo proud of you!

Keep up the great work!

We accomodate the families of 2 staff members of J.A.C.K at our private house to keep them safe from the virus. I have again kids running and playing in the garden💚💚💚

We are running out of face masks and we can’t afford buying from local chemist’s. Our tailor is working hard as she is sewing masks for the team. Many thanks to Maman Annie for the great job!

The army will be all around the city tomorrow to prevent any population movements. Tonight we dropped enough food for staff and chimps. If this situation continues, our armed police escort is ready to help us again to drive to the sanctuary

A released bushbaby pays us regular visits


A bit more than 200kgs are needed every day to have both humans (18) and chimps (34) HAPPY at the sanctuary! A daily challenge!!

ZAMBA has always shown signs of impatience just before feeding times. She has now turnt into a beautiful chimp adult qualified in rolling overs😂

Joel is doing a lot more better and WAs allowed to leave hospital this morning! So happy for him!

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