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Intrigued, young Mata is touching the camera to see if something will happen!


Due to heavy rains, LUNA & MATA got flu and LUNA had deep respiratory issues. Our vet, Dr Christian, decided to monitor her at night as she wasn’t doing well at all!

Today, both chimps are healthy and back in their group again!!!

KALY & MATA seem to be chatting together. Wondering what they could by “talking” about…


Chimps are said to have 4 hands to help them climb trees. In Tommy’s case, the second set of hands is used to hold his treats tightly😂

🍃TOMMY, NALIA & EKOLO have formed a trio since 2010. All our residents result from the bushmeat trade. All are orphaned chimpanzees who have created strong bonds with one another to recover from the horrific trauma they went through. Tommy, Nalia & Ekolo met while in quarantine and have become inseparable since then!

COCO IS BLOWING 11 CANDLES TODAY! We rescued him in 2008: he was the pet of high ranking authorities and it took us two years to have him in a group at the sanctuary… Today, Coco is among the “big boys” we take care of at the sanctuary!!

HELLO FROM COCO, one of our 15-year-old males. COCO arrived in 2008 in a very bad mental and physical condition. In two days, on April the 10th, he will blow his 11th Anniversary candle at J.A.C.K – will you wish him a happy Anniversary???


I spent the whole morning “begging” for some water to clean our chimps’ night rooms. The most difficult was to find drinking water to cook and to prepare our residents’ milk and tea… Many thanks to my dad and Marie-Paule for their precious support!!

JAK, it’s been 13 long years now we rescued you and that you changed our lives completely… Today you are no longer with us but your memory and your name make us keep our fight in rescuing your species… The moments we spent together will remain forever in our hearts. We miss you so badly…

J.A.C.K is currently attending the PASA 2019 vet workshop in Yaoundé (Cameroon). Great meetings and wonderful moments spent with our colleagues of the other sanctuaries. Thank you all!

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