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Little MATA is the youngest orphan of his group and he is always included in the so many games of his chimp friends. And, of course, MATA loves to play! This time, he’s doing as if he was leaving to make the others show him they want MATA to stay with them..

Chimps are extremely playful! Young KALY is keeping best friend ROSIE on the floor as if they were wrestling! But ROSIE apparently wasn’t angry or didn’t feel anything because she was laughing when I took the picture

Little MATA is the youngest chimpanzee orphan residing at J.A.C.K. He likes to sit on top of the tower and to look down at the others as if he were the king of the playground!!

LYNN, ROSIE and EKOLO are in a good Friday mood to start the coming weekend!!

Young friend MAÏKA has found the easiest way to groom her legs

Little KALY shows you how she builds her nest 🙂

Luna aime l'eau!

LUNA jouerait des heures près de l'eau!—–LUNA loves watergames!!

Posted by Les Amis de JACK / Friends of JACK Chimp Sanctuary on Wednesday, 11 April 2018

All the rescued chimpanzee orphans of J.A.C.K. do come from different areas of the DR CONGO. None have parental links but all have created strong bounds while living together. Little SANTA was a very maternal orphan chimpanzee and she was the one who was leading these hug trains…

Join in! — joignez vous à nous!

video de la semaine:les plus jeunes adorent constituer des petits trains. C'est tjs Santa qui mène la cadence et les autres suivent ou prennent le train en route! —footage of the week:the little ones love hug trains and it's always Santa who is leading the march! the others simply follow or join in…

Posted by Roxane Couttenier Jack on Thursday, 7 April 2011

Grooming is a very important social behaviour among chimpanzees as it strengthens the bounds between members of a chimpanzee group. Little TOMMY is grooming BAPU who seems to enjoy the grooming skills of her friend


Chimp friend PASA loves to sit in front of cameras


Notre ami PASA aime se poster devant l'objectif

Posted by Les Amis de JACK / Friends of JACK Chimp Sanctuary on Monday, 9 April 2018

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