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PICTURE OF THE DAY – Little MATA seems worried: will BAPU share some of her treats???

DIAN, please, tell us, what are you thinking about???

Don’t buy me!
Don’t eat me!
Don’t sell me!
Respect me!

CHITA doesn’t want to get wet and jumps to reach enrichment!


Early 2017, PRO WILDLIFE, a German charity supporting wildlife NGO’s worldwide, decided to collect funds to send a veterinarian to J.A.C.K. for  important surgeries. Since all the received donations exceeded transport and vet expenses of that particular September veterniary event, PRO WILDLIFE managers donated the surplus last October to help J.A.C.K. offer the best food and care to its residents!

Most of the fruit is imported from Zambia and South Africa as, in the area where J.A.C.K. is located (South DRC), not much fruit is produced. Also, wild fruit (the ones the chimpanzees LOVE!) can be found far away from town only which implies extra expenses…

This is why PRO WILDLIFE’s recent donation was spent in offering our furry residents some yummy fruit (especially bananas, some oranges and a lot of wild fruit) in addition to their daily aliments (honey, mealie-meal, rice, soya, milk, tea, etc.).

This donation has been of great help and J.A.C.K. and the orphaned chimpanzees it has rescued are extremely grateful for this wonderful support!

Many, many thanks again to Mrs Sandra, her team and donors from PRO WILDLIFE for caring so much about our furry friends.

Thank YOU for THEM!

TIKA – Stone expert! People getting too close of his territory will be chased away! Last time TIKA seemed even thoughtful: was he going to throw a small or a big stone??

FINALLY we have Internet back after it got again totally shut down in the biggest cities of the country…

Our residents are extremely fortunate since they were given a huge donation of yellow bell peppers – one of their favourite veggies!!! Many thanks to our friends of Lubumbashi, Misters John & Georges who donated this yummy lunch to the chimps at J.A.C.K. !


PICTURE OF THE DAY – All the chimpanzees you see on this website do come from the illegal bushmeat trade of from the pet trade. These chimpanzees are all orphans and have no parental links with one another. All of them have developped very strong bounds; it s the case of KALY (right) and VIDA on this picture. They are now like two sisters spending their days together!!

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