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PICTURE OF THE DAY – Young male CHITA is among the oldest chimpanzees we have in the main group.

When it is feeding time and if CHITA decides he hasn’t had enoug food, he stands up and reaches his hand to ask the keeper for more… Clever CHITA!

To look after chimpanzees isn’t an easy task especially in a country such as the Democratic Republic of CONGO. Everyone who has lived in the DRC knows that getting medical drugs localy is very tough and that either drugs can’t be found or they are too expensive!
Today and for the coming months, J.A.C.K. needs particular antibiotics and deworming drugs that can’t be found in Lubumbashi.
Therefore, a fundraising event has been recently launched by our charity in France and, should you wish to participate and provide our orphans with the medical treatments they need, please, join us and donate on following link here

Thank YOU for THEM !

Very hard news to tell today… It’s been several weeks now friend JOMA passed away and I can still hardly talk about this painful depart …

All went well for JOMA at J.A.C.K. He had been rescued in November 2009 in Lubumbashi and JOMA never had major health issues. This young male has always been gentle, good tempered and well integrated in MWISHO’s group.

However, last March, I noticed JOMA often stayed on his own, he look tired and had slightly lost some weight. Even though blood tests were good, I decided to keep him isolated for observation. But JOMA kept on crying to go outside with his friends and I let him enjoy the company of Tongo, Jane and Chita, his best buddies.

JOMA did well till he, again, showed signs of deep fatigue. I decided to keep him isolated but let him go with his friends every two days as I understood he needed his friends to get better. But then, one day, at 2 pm, Papa Ngoy suddenly called me to announce JOMA had just passed away.

Everything around me collapsed! I had a terrible shock and didn’t realise what was going on… I kept on going and faced the tragedy because I had to but it was as if I was losing control of everything.

I had fed JOMA on the morning of that same day. He looked well. And then, a few hours later, he left without me being around… His depart was so unexpected and my sorrow is very deep since I didn’t tell him goodbye: I still feel so bad I didn’t hold his hand when he gave his last breath… I miss JOMA so much!

Results of necropsy showed JOMA probably had septicemia due to peritonitis. He must have gone through so much pain although he never had fever, breathing issues before leaving us…

My grief today is unbearable and I’m writing this post with so many tears in my eyes. I have given myself the mission to rescue all these orphan chimpanzees and not to see them leave… This is all so hard…

I love you JOMA , I miss you so badly!

Before I end this sad post, I wish to thank my whole team for its support. Franck wasn’t in the DRC when all this happened and I was on my own dealing with this tragedy. My keepers, vet Jean Claude and volunteer Julie helped me a lot! Thank you all, dear team!

Also, two wonderful Friends cared a lot and have been of great help during these hard times: Lyna & Manon found the proper words to encourage me and their kindness & assistance gave me the strength  to continue. Merci encore, Manon & Lyna, for your priceless intervention!


When a newcomer is rescued and arrives at J.A.C.K., it sometimes has fleas or skin issues. Therefore, Maman Angeline and I bathe the orphan. Not because we love to do so but only because we want the new little one to be clean and healthy!

ZAMBA & DOGUY – These two orphans arrived nearly at the same time years ago and young male DOGUY quickly developped eye issues we tried to cure. Both eye were sick and only one responded comletely to the different treatments. Knowing that her best friend wasn’t doing well, female ZAMBA has always acted as DOGUY’s protector: she has always cared for him and been around to help him. DOGUY will undergo surgery next September: his eye must be removed and we really hope ZAMBA will still act as his guardian angel!

PICTURE OF THE DAY- When night falls, all our orphans gather close to the gates: they know it’s the last feeding time of the day and that they’ll be secure indoors at night

Young female VIDA loves eating and, today, she was caught her mouth full of yummy treats that were hidden in the enriched bottles…

PASA is the second oldest – and tallest male! – after dominant TIKA in the nursery group…

PICTURE OF THE DAY – many wild figs these days at J.A.C.K. and because there are so many we freeze them and provide the chimps with frozen enrichment

VIDEO – Night is falling and all our chimpanzee friends are enjoying the last meal of the day: THEY are all indoors for SECURITY reasons! Papa Jérémie and Yannik see that all tarpolins are closed properly to protect our orphans against the cold nights


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