J.A.C.K Primate Rehabilitation Centre
The monkey project

The monkey project

How J.A.C.K. became a monkey project

Since 2006, Franck and Roxane CHANTEREAU have rescued chimpanzees from the wildlife trade. Their sanctuary was built to (1) enforce laws on Congolese wildlife – especially endangered species! and (2) to rehabilitate all these victims of ape trafficking before releasing them back to the wild.

However, since February 2021 and with the arrival of the 20 Congolese monkeys repatriated from Zimbabwe, J.A.C.K. has officially become a REHABILITATION CENTRE for all kind of primates!


Background –

How the monkeys were smuggled, rescued and repatriated to the DRC

In September 2020, a truck smuggling monkeys from the Democratic Republic of Congo to South Africa was intercepted in Zimbabwe on a route that some investigators believe is commonly used to traffic wildlife before exporting them overseas. 

The Founders of J.A.C.K.congratulate the Wildlife Authorities of Zimbabwe (the Republic Police, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority, the National prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe and the Department of Veterinary Services) for arresting the culprits and for providing care to the monkeys.

They also thank the wonderful team of the Chirundu Anti-Poaching Unit  and of the HEMMERSBACH RHINO FORCE who have brought the most appropriate care to these victims of the wildlife trade. Without them, they wouldn’t have had the chance to survive nor to return to the DRC!!

In addition, Franck and Roxane are extremely grateful to Ms Lisa from the  TIKKI HYWOOD FOUNDATION  as she brought much support in getting the needed papers on the Zimbabwean side…

It was clear to the Founders of J.A.C.K. that, since these monkeys originated from the DRC and were endemic to the this country, their place would be in the DR Congo and nowhere else! 

Therefore, in the DRC,  J.A.C.K., along with ICCN (the DRC National Parks Authority), the Ministry of the Environment and the Governorate of Upper-Katanga, worked on the rescue of these survivors with the aim to rehabilitate them and to give them a chance to go back to their forests!

After 4 long months to get all the permits and repatriation documents, Franck Chantereau (Founder of J.A.C.K.) drove to Zimbabwe end of January 2021 with a DRC delagation to bring the monkeys back to the DRC. All the fees of the repatriation mission were covered by the DUTCH FEDERATION OF ZOOS and a truck and crates were kindly offered by the HEMMERSBACH RHINO FORCE to repatriate the primates to the DRCongo.

The journey back home lasted 39 hours and all the new residents of the sanctuary arrived safe and well in Lubumbashi. Thanks to wonderful and generous partners and donors, J.A.C.K. managed in 3 months time to build huge facilities to accomodate its new residents at best!

As explained previously, formerly a great ape sanctuary, J.A.C.K. has now officially become a “primate” rehabilitation centre  with the arrival of these monkeys. Not only chimpanzees are being looked after; J.A.C.K. also cares for monkey species such as Cercopithecus and Cercocebus monkeys…

So, today, as you can imagine, funds are needed to provide these survivors with decent food and appropriate vet careTwo new keepers have been hired and trained to take 100% care of our newcomers.


We need your help! Your support will have a huge impact! 

The rescued monkeys indeed have to be rehabilitated which means J.A.C.K. must provide them with the best food and the appropriate veterinary care. All of them have gone through hell when being captured and illicitly kept! Today, they need our Love to feel strong enough to go back to the wild.

Therefore, in order to provide all these victims of the wildlife trade healthy and well, every single donation will represent a whole world to them! Your support would be highly appreciated; it would be a disaster if, after all these months of struggling to repatriate the monkeys, they do not make it …

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