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Throughout  year 2017, and thanks to a good friend of J.A.C.K., Patrick Pools, our sanctuary took part in a competition named “We love your project”. This event is organised every year by EDF Luminus,  an energy producer in Belgium, which offers the chance to its employees to put forward the charity they work in as volunteers. Since Patrick grew up in the DRC and had helped J.A.C.K. in finding funds, he wanted to introduce J.A.C.K. to his colleagues and friends through this annual ‘We love your Project” event.

The competition started early 2017 and ended in November 2017. Patrick was J.A.C.K.’s representative and did his utmost to make our chimpanzees win the second price of the competition!

Yes, thanks to Patrick’s determination and the kindness of his colleagues who voted for him, our sanctuary won 3000 Euros to buy a generator for its brand new Veterinary Clinic! A wonderful present, isn’t it???

Today, J.A.C.K. has bought the so awaited generator which will help in the Vet Clinic (power failures). Also, because this generator can be used as a welding machine, it will enable J.A.C.K. to continue the further metallic developments at the sanctuary (building facilities, etc.)

Dear Friends of EDF Luminus and dear Patrick, we at J.A.C.K. thank YOU all for this wonderful present!! Know that it will help us a lot!!!


Earlier this month, a fundraiser took place too collect some juicy and fresh fruit for our furry friends. Since some of them had gone through a tough flu outbreak, we decided fruit would be the best treat to offer to recover.

Thanks to the kindness of Friends of J.A.C.K., our sanctuary was donated a bit more than 400 $ managed to buy crates of bananas, apples and oranges. More fruit is going to be purchased soon! Good fruit crosses the border only twice a week and we wanted the best quality for our friends!

And, of course, all our chimpanzees were delighted and so happy to receive tese donations!

In the name of its 35 residents, J.A.C.K. would like to thank Mary W, Marie-Odile L, Jean-Noêl , Lyna R,Brigitte S, Valérie S, Valérie L, Amy M, Oliver T, Tom S, Esther F, Alain S and Claudine A for their great heart and for their wish to offer THEM the best!

Thank YOU again so much!!


April 22nd is Earth Day!

Since we have only one planet,

let’s all work tohether to keep it healthy and strong!

Some members of our main group just sad next to the pool. All of them were enjoying the first sun beams of the morning and young female ZAMBA even dared sitting in the pool to have her breakfast!!!

Young KALY is going through VIDA’s inspection and doesn’t seem to enjoy it so much…

MATA is the youngest member of his group and he is also the youngest rescued orphan of our sanctuary. His friends love to play with him and like to give him a hard time, which MATA doesn’t seem to dislike!!

MATA est le plus jeune de son groupe et le plus jeune de tout le sanctuaire. Souvent, les autres membres n'hésitent pas à lui en faire voir de toutes les couleurs… mais bon, Mata semble aimer cela puisqu'il en redemande!!—–MATA is the youngest member of his group and he is also the youngest rescued orphan of our sanctuary. His friends love to play with him and like to give him a hard time, which MATA doesn't seem to dislike!!

Posted by Les Amis de JACK / Friends of JACK Chimp Sanctuary on Friday, 20 April 2018


Joyful and playful chimps – what else?

EH OUI, UNE BOUGIE EN PLUS À SOUFFLER AUJOURD'HUI… Le temps passe et commence à se lire sur mon visage, mais mon coeur et ma passion restent identiques à ce jour où tout a commencé pour Franck et moi avec ces incroyables créatures… Tous ces orphelins sont devenus ma deuxième famille, ma deuxième série d'enfants et en dépit de toutes les tragédies, les moments difficiles que nous avons vécus, je ne regrette en rien cette longue et dure expérience… Une experience qui nous a d'ailleurs permis de VOUS rencontrer et de connaître un peu plus certains d'entre VOUS…Merci à VOUS TOUS pour vos témoignages d'amitié et d'affection!! Cela fait chaud au coeur de VOUS savoir à nos côtés! Oui, très chaud au coeur, car, grâce à vos commentaires, vos encouragements quotidiens, nous sommes motivés à aller de l'avant! Et voir ainsi nos loulous heureux et joyeux comme sur la vidéo ci-dessous est une réelle victoire que nous avons également pu accomplir grâce à votre attention, à votre soutien! MERCI d'être là le plus souvent possible pour EUX!Et MERCI d'être là plus particulièrement pour moi aujourd'hui! Vos messages me vont droit au coeur. Merci, merci, merci 💚

Posted by Roxane Couttenier Jack on Thursday, 19 April 2018

JAC is playing and, despite his size and age (nearly 15!), loves to perform somersaults!!

It’s been several years now the VINMART FOUNDATION is supporting our sanctuary as its sponsorship helps us by medication but also some cleaning products to keep our complex (night facilities, kitchen, etc) neat and clean!

Remember, a few weeks ago, there was a huge flu outbreak in the main group and most of our big boys were badly sick. All of them were coughing; some members had fever and one even needed antibiotics since he had a severe throat infection.

Thanks to the VINMART FOUNDATION, J.A.C.K. managed to buy antipyretics, syrups & antibiotic tablets and the sick residents thus had all the needed veterinary care!!

The VINMART FOUNDATION started its action in 2012 in our Katanga Province and works to promote the well-being of the local communities through different kind of projects such as Education, Youth, Agriculture and also Water & Sanitation, Infrastructure, Health and Environment. J.A.C.K. sanctuary is lucky enough to be part of its Environment program and is extremely grateful for the Foundation’s regular support!

Thank you all again, dear Friends of the VINMART FOUNDATION, for caring so much about our furry friends!

Little MATA is the youngest orphan of his group and he is always included in the so many games of his chimp friends. And, of course, MATA loves to play! This time, he’s doing as if he was leaving to make the others show him they want MATA to stay with them..

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