Bihati thanks you!
Bihati thanks you!

Bihati thanks you!

Several days ago, the PanAfrican Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) as well as a few friends launched an appeal to help our sick friend Bihati.

Many of you did reply and we are extremely grateful of your support as it has been helping our sanctuary purchase the needed drugs we couldn’t find here in the DRC and which have come from Zambia and Europe.


Although Bihati’s health seemed stabilized last week and responded to the new antibiotic treatment, today she looks tired as if she doesn’t want to fight any more. She is still eating and drinking, but she is losing strength mentally and physically. All our team is concerned and stays with her as much as possible to provide all the love and care she needs…

Keep strong, Bihati! We all LOVE you and want you to recover as fast as possible!

bihati merci.2

J.A.C.K. again wishes to thank the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) for its Newsletter. Also, many thanks to the following Friends of JACK who sent us their precious aid: Kelly J., Jo and Ryan, Leanne H, Patti C, Lauren H, Stacey M.C, Stephanie E, John G, Sarah S, Oliver W, Malcolm G, Maria Susana P, Meghan H, Wanda H, Itsaso V, Eva MC, Marina DR, Burglind D, Kristina K, Antonia W, Kristine & Tyler, Wendy M, Frances B, Nancy G, Alison B, Amy M, George WB, Rob Q, Lesa M and Tania F. Your help has been really appreciated!


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