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Support the greatest primate rescue ever and help us rehabilitate the 25 monkeys that were seized in Zimbabwe last September and which are meant to be brought back at J.A.C.K, in the DRCongo, the country they originate..
“Ony by giving are you able to receive more than you already have” (Jim ROHN)
Do good on this particular day of december first!
Thank YOU for THEM!

Happy Thanksgiving

On this very special day we are thanKful for all the Friends, Donors, Members, Partners and Sponsors who have been and still are on our side. Their Trust and Love have helped J.A.C.K. to achieve great things for its residents !



Save the date!

On December 1st, it is GIVING TUESDAY and our sanctuary is part of the event in France.

Since GIVING TUESDAY is a day that encourages to do good, our wish is to collect funds through your generosity in order to feed and provide the 25 coming primates with the best care! You can read more on how to help on the link below by clicking on the #GivingTuesday icon. Keep in mind that every little bit helps especially in these though pandemic times.

                                          Any support would be greatly appreciated!

                                                          Thank YOU for THEM!



Rescue of 25 primates – works (part 4)

🐵WORKS TO ACCOMODATE THE 25 PRIMATES CONTINUE – we are happy the 2 first satellite cages are nearly finished and ready to accomodate the 25 monkeys once they arrive at the sanctuary! These beautful works are possible only thanks to the generosity of:

Thank YOU all for THEM!

Sania in quarantine

Sania is the name of the latest chimpanzee orphan we have been handed over by the DRC wildlife authorities. She arrived last October. We estimate she is about 4 years old.

The  primate baby was malnutrished and dehydrated. In addition to this, she was deeply trraumatised, feeling extremely lonely and was seriously affected mentaly. When she arrived, Sania never interacted, never showed interest in anything – even in food… To me, she had decided not to live any more because of the loss of her mom, the slaughter of her family and because off all she had been through.

Because the baby ape was so fragile and also because of the Covid pandemic, it was decided Sania would not go to the sanctuary to be monitored 24h/day at our house. Sania needed  plenty of TLC and a peaceful place to recover both psychologically and physically. We had to work quickly – Sania had given up the fight and we had to show her she was in good hands!

Therefore, and since the day Sania arrived, Mama Angeline (our surrogate mom), Franck (my husband) and myself have been taking care day and night of our little newcomer. The sanitary protocol of the sanctuary has been implemented at our house too and we were all checked daily for fever, coughing or any other Covid related symptoms.


Despite her mental fragility Sania was fine and, during her Covid quarantine of 14 days, she didn’t show any health issues at all.


After one long week of patienceness, Sania started eating, playing, interacting and even vocalising with us! We were all happy to see Sania had finally accepted to take the second chance we were offering her in life – this sounded like a real victory to us against all these horrible traders and poachers who kill and destroy everything around them! Sania was now out of danger!

Also, since the Covid-quarantine was finished, we decided to bring Sania at the sanctuary so that she could understand she was not alone and that chimp friends were waiting for her. We have had several bushwalks already…

Today, it’s been 4 weeks Sania has been rescued and she is now spending her normal quarantine with us. Sania is a playful little chimp. She has gained some weight (2.8kg/ 6.17lbs) and if she keeps on progressing this way, she will probably continue her quarantine at the sanctuary next December.


One orphaned chimpanzee and two bushbabies handed over to J.A.C.K.

I am so sorry to come back so late with the story of tis rescue. Some of you know how hard we are currently working on another rescue ; the biggest rescue ever mde of primates in Africa!

So, here is the story of the October rescue.

A month ago, a very important wildlife traficking investigation was led on a meeting point of traders at the borders of Congo and Zambia. After several days, it was discovered  animals among (which endangered species) have been transitinf through this particular place before heading for South Africa and probably to countries like China..

This is how Mr Elie, our colleague who is also a police inspector from the criminal investigation of the Ministry of the Environment, drove back to the border with a team and a car of J.A.C.K. to confiscate a female chimpanzee and two bush babies (galagos)

The baby chimpanzee was kept in a meshed and concrete cage. When she saw our team arriving with the food we had prepared, she immediately found our people very interesting and got on well with all of them!

Frightened and traumatised, the busbabies (nocturnal prosimians) were in full sunlight and our team covered their cage with a tarpaulin while feeding them.

The different animals were put into the transport cages of J.A.C.K. and the car once all the legal procedure was done. A long journey was waiting all the team to reach us in Lubumbashi.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about our new residents. Stay connected





Rescue of 25 primates – works continue (part 3)

Thanks to the great kindness and trust of wonderful people and organizations, our sanctuary has managed to build 2 of the 4 satellite cages. More works are on progress as we also need a small kitchen, water, electricity, jungle gyms, etc.

Rescue of 25 primates: works continue (part 2)

Thanks to the beautiful generosity of amazing partners and donors, our Founders have been able to launch the works to built 4 huge facilities to accomodate the 25 coming primates.

Today, 2 of the facilities are nearly ready – the roof will be fixed in the coming hours.

Many thanks again to the incredible institutions who make this challenge come true:

Dear Partners and Sponsors, thank you again for everything! Without your support, J.A.C.K. wouldn’t be able to achieve all this!

Thank YOU for THEM!