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The Problem
The Solution
The Future

🌴FROM THE EARLY BEGINNING OF THE SANCTUARY in 2006 and since their very young age, our 2 kids have been our greatest supporters!

Some animals are better parents than others…

What do you think MATA did to have such awesome haircut??

JAK &TOUZO were 2 orphaned chimpanzees we rescued and who were killed in the 1st arson we went through in 2006. Someone put fire in the night room were the babies were sleeping: 3 managed to escape the flames, 2 died…

*JAK burnt to death in his sleep while TOUZO crossed the flames and left us a few days later because of the heavy burns he had…

These 2 orphans were tragically taken from us and, despite our grief and the insecurity we are facing ith our mission of saving apes, they both gave us more strength to achieve our mission: rescuing chimpanzees.

Today, 12 years after this arson, our pain and sorrow are still deep and hard to bear! I can’t find the words as I really regret they are no longer with us…

JAK &TOUZO, you are both still in our hearts!

=> Read more about this tragedy which represents the early beginning of our story :


J.A.C.K., a mini world of Love, Welfare and Hope for orphaned chimpanzees. A small world full of Peace where they are given a second chance to live before going back to the wild…

April 22nd is Earth Day!

Since we have only one planet,

let’s all work tohether to keep it healthy and strong!

FINALLY we have Internet back after it got again totally shut down in the biggest cities of the country…

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