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The Problem
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For the more curious, here is a small summary of his history…

This young male was called “SEC” and as he was too old to change his first name completely, we made it “SEKI”.

One day, a young expatriate lady came to the project, explaining that she had a baby chimpanzee. Little Seki was no longer a chimp like the others and had become the child of the house. He ate pizzas, sweets, went to the fridge and in the cupboards and watched TV…

“SEC” had his little habits of a spoiled child since he was the only child in the house. After a year of hesitation, the mistress finally decided to give him back to the authorities and then to the project since she realized that he was becoming more and more powerful and that his real place was among its pairs and not in her living room…

So Seki arrived at J.A.C.K., adorable, relentless tenderness, he had to relearn by himself to become a chimpanzee! From the start of his arrival at the sanctuary, we did our best.

Today, J.A.C.K. succeeded , Seki is a beautiful chimpanzee and he’s well in his group and with his family, fully integrated.

Oh, before I finish: SEKI has two physical features: 1 / it has large drooping ears (which makes it recognizable from a distance and 2 / it has the phalanx of the index finger of the right hand severed. No doubt was he caught in a trap …

For more information concerning the sponsorship of our chimps and their stories … it’s here =>



Thanks to the precious support of our donors we managed to offer our team new boots for Christmas! A very appreciated gift especially during this rainy season!

Thank you again to all the Friends who follow us and who help us – every single donation means a lot to all of us at J.A.C.K.!

🍊EARLY MORNING ENRICHMENT – food is hidden every day on the playgrounds to help our friends keep their #instinct of #forraging



Please donate today to help us install our own water system! The impact this will have on the sanctuary and our beautiful rescued chimps is huge! Share this post and donate now!

Our countdown to Giving Day is almost complete!


Each day, we rely on local businesses to donate 200kg of fresh fruit and vegetables to feed our 33 chimps – a big ask!

To reduce this dependency, we had on our onsite greenhouse providing almost 50kg of organic produce a day 🌱


As you can see, without water this is no longer an option for us. Please help us to help them 💫




Our devoted staff at J.A.C.K. need access to water for their own hydration and hygiene! Working with the chimps is hot and hard work, and they need water to drink and to wash their uniforms each day.

We all know that water is essential to life – and running a sanctuary for 33 orphaned chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo certainly has its challenges! 

Access to fresh drinking water is a daily obstacle for us, and when the pipes run dry, it severely impacts our efforts and the lives of some very special individuals.

1. HYDRATION – 7 days until Giving Day
At J.A.C.K., we use donated recycled water bottles to safety provide more than 100L of fluids for our rescued chimps every day!

GIVING DAY FOR APES is coming up on Tuesday, October 15th! A way to help our small sanctuary raise the needed funds to install its own water system. Getting water has indeed become a daily challenge for the last few months and we have to beg water from friends to provide our orphans with drinking water.

Please, help us make this water nightmare a problem of the past!! Any support means the world to THEM!!

WATER SHORTAGE AT J.A.C.K. since last March: getting enough water for team and chimps is a daily struggle!

Remember, Doguy is our one-eyed chimpanzee.

Last February, we thought he would have had to undergo surgery as a growing cataract was said to be harming his remaining eye… However, after two eye specialists checked his eye, no surgery took place and the surgeons advised Doguy would need an eye onguent when dry season starts.

Today, 3 months later, our austral Winter is on its way along with its dust, heavy sun and dry air. We managed to find Doguy’s eye treatment in Europe and our young resident doesn’t seem to complain. He looks happy and he is enjoying outdoor life with his friends.

We are so glad he is feeling well!

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