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During the 5 months of lockdown of our sanctuary we hosted the families of two of our staff members at our private house.

There were 5 children et it was great seeing them run and play in our garden. Remember, two of the kids had become “Super Heroes”.

Then, baby Eliezer arrived –  a little boy born last August in times of trouble and demonstrations… He was staying with us too

Today, now that lockdown has been lifted, each family has gone back home. We sayed goodbye with plenty of tears in our eyes s very strong bonds have been created with some of the family members. This experience has been intens – we miss our Super Heroes already!

Before the children left they were given the chance to go to the sanctuary. They had never seen the place where their parents worked, so, it was amazing to the to meet the chimps and to see their parents at work.

We are glad everyone is now back home. However, since the virus is still around, no one can go back to a normal life just like before. At J.A.C.K. and at home we have set up new sanitary measures.

End of lockdown announced by Mr MUIR, Provincial wildlife authority. Our team has remained 5 months without leavng the comlex. A huge sacrifice. Today, all our staff members can go back home although the virus is still in town and around the sanctuary. A sanitary protocol will be implemented on August 31st at night.


Many thanks again to our ICCN partner for having guided J.A.C.K. through these stressful and tough times of pandemic!

🌴LOCKDOWN HAS BEEN LIFTED-our workers are now back with their families after 5 months of lockdown. We are more worried than ever: the virus is still around and might enter the sanctuary at any time…

🌿J.A.C.K. /3 DAYS LEFT TILL LOCKDOWN IS LIFTED – a happy team tonight as all our staff members will soon go back home after a 5-month lockdown! The virus is still around and more challenges are to come😢
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While Gracia met her doctor, I took her baby to be weighed. Eliezer weighs a bit more than 11 lbs and has gained about 4.8lbs in 42 days…So glad Mom and baby are doing great!!


🥒54 meals are cooked daily for our locked down team. I personnaly cook international dishes and introduce new veggies the team has never tasted before sothat they disvover new flavors

It’s been a month now that baby ELIEZER joined our team that has been lockdown at our home. ELIEZER indeed is 1 month old today. He gained some weight and, just like his mother, he is doing very well.

Unlike all the members of the team of J.A.C.K. , Eliezer’s parents were confined at our house on April 1st. Gracia, his mother, was pregnant and all her medical expenses (regular check ups, delivery & hospialization) were covered thanks to the wonderful generosity of two great friends, Rebecca & Bob.

Gracia has been very lucky to give birth in a “lockdown mode”: the clinic stuck to our lockdown rules (personal room & bathroom, no visits except the doctors’ and mine) and we knew Mama and baby were in good hands!

Delivery was long and painful. During her stay, Gracia was spoilt by the nurses who I thank again from the deepest of my heart as they did a very good job!!!

Today, we are all happy that Eliezer is healthy and growing well. He has a big brother, Elvie (6 years old) and a sister, Emmanuella (3).

Many thanks again to Rebecca and Bob for their amazing suport during these very partcular times. Also, thanks again to the Clinic, its kind Managers & team for all that they have done for Gracia & her baby.


WE are very blessed to have our residents supported by PRO WILDLIFE!

It has been 3 years now that our sanctuary has been kindly supported by this German wildlife organisation and, this year, its support is more than welcome since the pandemic is striking over here too and J.A.C.K. is facing tough times. Feeding the rescued chimpanzees and providing them with the best care is sometimes a real challenge!!

Many thanks again to PRO WILDLIFE, its Managers, its team and great Donors for their priceless support!

Our team is making so many sacrifices to protect our residents against the virus and we really thank THEM for their hard work!

It’s been 100 days since the team was put on lockdown at J.A.C.K. by the Government.

It’s  been 100 days already since the members of the team have been away from their loved ones to take care of the orphaned chimpanzees of J.A.C.K… Join us to thank them for their will and courage as without THEM nothing would be possible especially in this very difficult period…

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