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The Problem
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It is the most appropriate time for MAÏKA & #chimp friends to enjoy home made fruit ice cubes!!

TONGO has been recently sedated and is now enjoying life again with the friends of his group

TOMMY (left) & NALIA hyper focused on how to get the jam from the fake termite mount 

Young KALY is going through VIDA’s inspection and doesn’t seem to enjoy it so much…

LYNN, ROSIE and EKOLO are in a good Friday mood to start the coming weekend!!

Young friend MAÏKA has found the easiest way to groom her legs

Smiling, dominant TIKA is ready to wolve down yummy sugar canes!

Bad coughing and a lot of sneezing this morning. One more sick today, SEKI – which means only 4 out of 17 are doing fine…

We are very worried about CHITA (picture) & PADDA : they aren’t doing well at all! None of them move, eat nor drink. Flu has hit these big boys badly… Let’s hope they’ll feel better tomorrow!

I’ll update tomorrow – thank you!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – TIKA, the alpha, seems upset but still keeps a close eye on his group!

VIDA is upset as PUNDU stole the fruit she had found when forraging… There are more hidden apples, Vida! Go and have a look!!


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