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🍃YUMMY GUAVAS just harvested by keepers Ngoy and Jeremy! Our chimps are lucky today!

11 years that Maman Angeline is taking good care of J.A.C.K. orphans. Thank you, Angeline, for loving THEM so much!


11 ans que Maman Angeline s'occupe à merveille des orphelins de J.A.C.K. ! Merci de LES aimer autant, Angeline!!——11 years that Maman Angeline is taking good care of J.A.C.K. orphans. Thank you, Angeline, for loving THEM so much!

Posted by Les Amis de JACK on Thursday, 14 September 2017

Lyna and Manon were the two volunteers who joined us last month for J.A.C.K. chimps’ health exams. Their luggage was full of goodies for our orphans and for our keepers! Manon brought some toys for our keepers’ kids and Lyna had bags of second hand clothes offered by a friend named “Gaëtan”.

The two girls decided to organise a raffle! There was a prize for each keeper plus an extra one called ‘JACK-PoT’

Everyone was happy! The raffle brought a lot of joy and laughter after a long day of work; Justin & Maman Angeline were singing, hopping up and down with impatience!!!

Justin was the happiest as he was the one who won the extra price!!!

Everyone agreed on thanking Gaëtan via a short video

And Maman Angeline could not leave without hugging the two organizers.

Many thanks again to Gaëtan, Lyna & Manon for these great moments!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Papa Ngoy (left) and Jacques are ready to offer our orphans their first meal of the day!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – great complicity and fun while trying to have a decent 1st of May group photo. From left to right:
– row 1 : Justin, Landry & Maman Angeline
– row 2 : David, Yannik, Ngoy & Roxane

Were absent: Jérémi, Bondo, Jean Claude, Anne & Julie, NKulu & Georges, Franck (not always easy to gather everyone for a picture!)

Many thanks to our team for its patience, devotion, love and for its will to give these orphans the best! JACK is really proud of its team!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – keeper yannik collecting fresh leaves for the morning enrichment of our hairy friends


VIDEO OF THE WEEK – it has been raining for days now and the chimps have flu. Thanks to our team, the chimps are getting all the care and attention they need. Today, before they all get their warm tea/milk, it’s Papa Jeremi who is giving the chimps their different medications (cough syrups, antibiotics, vitamins) mixed with honey…

PICTURE OF THE DAY -‘ bukari’ or ‘fu fu’ is the local common name for mealy meal, the traditional dish made of ground flour DRC people eat daily. Chimps do like to have their bukari balls every day too and, today, it is Papa Jeremie who is cooking the 120 mealy meal balls for them!

For your info, J.A.C.K. looks after 39 chimpanzee orphans and has to provide 140 kg of foud per day as well as 80 l of fluids (milk or tea) – which sometimes is very tough since our sanctuary lives on donations only!


PICTURE OF THE DAY – 7.30 am this morning: it’s milk time. Mama Angeline has just prepared the milk and the tea and she’s carrying all the bottles to feed the nursery group…

angeline lait

Remember, today, it’s been a year our surrogate mom Maman Angeline started working again after the terrible accident she had had on the road. These had been tough times for us: J.A.C.K. worries about the well fare of the rescued chimpanzee orphans, but J.A.C.K. team is a priority too ! This is why we fundraised last year in May to help our sanctuary pay hospital and physiotherapy fees… Maman Angeline recovered slowly and …miraculously!


Today, one year after this tragedy, Maman Angeline thanks us for all we did for her. But she thanks the Friends of J.A.C.K. too who donated and helped her. These are the words maman Angeline said:

Many thanks for having been there when I needed most. Without your support and encouragements, my 3 kids wouldn’t have a mom today. I’ll be forever grateful for all you did for me and my family. Thank you!