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15 FEVRIER – JOURNÉE MONDIALE DU PANGOLIN – Ces créatures vulnérables sont l'espèce animale la plus braconnée au monde. Soutenons les actions qui les encadrent! Ils ont besoin de nous!–FEBRUARY 15th – WORLD PANGOLIN DAY–#wildlife #pangolin #sauvonslesanimaux

Posted by JACK – Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga on Saturday, 15 February 2020

Please, young female BAPU urgently needs all your thoughts and prayers! We discovered she was walking strangely and a X-Ray earlier today showed a broken shinbone. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. BAPU is in great pain and really needs her leg to recover at the soonest!

Thank you for keeping Bapu in your thoughts!



150 to 200 KILOS OF FOOD is what we have to provide daily to have healthy and happy chimps! Getting this quantity of food every day is a real challenge especially in a country where so many things are missing!

Help us give THEM the best and make a donation as every little bit makes THE difference to all of THEM!


Afternoon temperatures are now getting higher and our young friend TOMMY is quenching his thirst


A quiet lunch time at J.A.C.K.: Lynn, Maïka, Luna & Rosie are enjoying some sugar cane.


Vida seems to still have great fun despite burst ball!!


Recycled plastic bottles are great enrichment tools. We fill them with treats our residents love and, once the bottles are empty, the chimps love to put water in them to drink or to … play!

Cardboard boxes make great enrichment tools as they can keep our residents mind busy for hours!!

Here is a short footage on who we are and about what we do

Many riots and gun shots this morning as demonstrators marching for the previous Governor of the province were stopped by the army and the police… Because of the insecurity, all our residents were kept in their night facilities and the keepers remained next to them as to calm them down. Our chimpanzees get very scared and nervous when there are shootings since it reminds them of the day their group was attacked and killed by poachers; the day they lost their families, their mother, their forest…

In the early afternoon, when situation had come back to “normal” in town, the keepers opened the gates and the chimpanzees were enjoying their routine… We were all extremely happy to see them all interacting normaly without any signs of stress.

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