big trouble for Shasa
big trouble for Shasa

big trouble for Shasa

Dear Friends,


Shasa, the dominant female of our main group, really had problems a few days ago and the vet had to be called in emergency.

upper left canine giving trouble

Yes, Shasa is now losing canines (chimps have to sets of teeth just like humans) and the upper left canine didn’t fall off by itself. So, the young female constantly tried to get rid of it and this must have been very painful as Shasa in this way hurt her gum.

trying to pull out her tooth

The vet had no other choice than to slightly cut the gum that was still on the tooth…

Shasa losing canines

…and to solve Shasa’s tooth issue with 4 stitches.

4 stitches

Shasa remained isolated several days and was fed on cooked and crushed food.

Papa Augustin waiting for Shasa to wake up after sedation

Today, she is back in the group and enjoying life again with the others… We are happy this all is now over…

back in her group (right) with Seki



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