Rescue of 25 primates (part 6)

The works to build the facilities to accomodate at best the 25 monkeys from Zimbabwe are progressing very well and we will soon share new pictures for you the appreciate the evolution of what has been achieved.

Today, we would like to introduce the team which has been working since end of October on this beautiful project: welder, bricklayers, painters, electrician and plumber… a complete and wonderful team of artisans known from everyone at J.A.C.K. (chimpanzees included) because they have been part of many many building projects of the sanctuary.

For years, J.A.C.K. could have hired building companies to develop the complex. However, some of these companies here are not serious, work slowly and charge a lot! Therefore, the sanctuary has been working with a qualified team of artisans who are part of the social program of J.A.C.K.: working at the sanctuary thus represents a way to support their families and children… In these times of pandemic, to have a job is very important and the Founders of the sanctuary are happy they can help!

All these workers are always around when J.A.C.K. needs them to improve the complex.

Georges, Kazadi, Moïse, Serge and assitants: thank YOU all for the great work you do at J.A.C.K.!

Security and on-site developments thanks to IPPL!

As some of you know already, the INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE has been enforcing security at the sanctuary through its support to the two armed National Park Rangers who work day and night at the sanctuary. Their presence is important to the residents and to the personnel of J.A.C.K.: the DRC area where the sanctuary is located is regularly shaken by unrest and it is crucial to keep everyone at J.A.C.K. safe from harm!

This year, in addition to security enforcement, IPPL has also supported the team during the five-month-lockdown and it has also helped to improve the personnel area at the sanctuary.

The team had indeed lived in basic conditions during the five-month-long lockdown and improving the accommodation and the organization of the two personnel buildings at J.A.C.K. was a necessity. This first total isolation experience has showed the importance of a better place to work, to live, to cook, to eat and to rest for all the staff members.

Therefore, on-site developments have been brought to facilitate life: changes in the internal lay-out of the buildings (building lockers, shelves, beds, and tables, electricity installation), improvement of the shower  and construction of a roof to protect the buildings.

Personnel buildings BEFORE

Personnel buildings AFTER and thanks to the support of IPPL

Also, since the personnel area had been totally reshaped and repainted, new paint was brought onto the kitchen where the food of the chimpanzees is prepared.

The personnel of J.A.C.K.  and the residents of the sanctuary are extremely grateful to the INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE and its great donors for their endless and valuable support! Thanks to their generosity and trust, very important on-site developments have been possible in the staff area as well as in the kitchen. Since the Covid19 virus is slowly following its propagation, J.A.C.K. sanctuary is now more prepared should a second total lockdown be imposed on its team members.

Thank YOU for the team of J.A.C.K.!


Rescue 25 of primates – works (part 5)

Works continue at J.A.CK. in order to accomodate at best the 25 Congolese monkeys that were smuggled through the Zambian border last September and which were confiscated by the Zimbabwean Wildlife Authorities.Today, these monkeys are still kindly being looked after by a NGO of Zimbabwe partnering with the Zimbabwean Wildlife Aurthorities

Thanks only to the generosity of J.A.C.K. donors, the works can be achieved to make this wonderful project come true! The 4 satellite cages are now completely finished and ready to welcome the monkeys. Also, the kitchen is nearly ready too and so are the two small outside enclosures.

Many, many thanks to the donors who made the building of these facilities possible. They are amazing people with an amazing and passionate heart!

Again, THANK YOU to

Olsen Animal Trust

International Primate Protection League

Fondation Brigitte Bardot

San Diego Zoo

Pro Wildlife

Kansas City Zoo

Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

Columbus Zoo

Pro Steel

Zoo de La Palmyre

Gaïa Zoo

Espace Zoologique de Saint Martin-la-Plaine



The Zoo de La Palmyre supports J.A.C.K. in 2020

We are very happy the J.A.C.K. sanctuary can again count on the wonderful support of the Zoo of La Palmyre.

It has now been 11 years that this sponsor helps the Congolese sanctuary. And thanks to its grant, J.A.C.K. has been able to develop the complex so as to improve the captive conditions of the rescued chimpanzees.

This year, the grant of the French Zoo will finally end a project that started 3 years ago. Since the residents are getting bigger and stronger, their facilities must be adapted to their strength and growth. Therefore, the 3 open air playgrounds have had their security improved by means of huge metallic “shields” placed on top of the electrical fences.

The welder launched the final stage of this huge security project earlier this year but had to stop all the works due to the pandemic. The sanctuary was indeed put on lockdown on the 2nd of April and no one was allowed to enter the complex except the Founders of J.A.C.K. The last security”shields” were built just before lockdown and remained in the middle of the forest…

Today, even if the Corona virus is still around the sanctuary, the lockdown has been lifted and our team of artisans could start working again by following a strict sanitary protocol that has been implemented by the Founders. The sanctuary is still closed to visitors. Only the staff and the artisans are allowed to enter. All of them have to stick to the sanitary measures imposed by the sanctuary. The welder will soon finish the works…



The “24 gute Taten” Project

In 2018, J.A.C.K. had been selected to participate in an Advent Calendar project. The action aimed in selling calendars in the shape of Christmas trees holding 24 little doors  meant to introduce and support 24 different NGO’s.

This huge calendar project is ran by 24 GUTE TATEN  (24 good deeds), a German organisation supporting both humanitarian and environmental projects. 24 gute Taten is a charitable, commited and independent association. It helps people in need and poverty, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic origin or gender.

The amount of the sponsorship depends on how many calendars were purchased. These are usually sold on Internet but also in schools, companies, and via advertising campains.

J.A.C.K. has been lucky enough to be part of last year’s calendar project thanks to its generous donor, PRO WILDLIFE. The wonderful team of Pro Wildlife indeed kindly helped us do all the paper work and it also introduced us to 24 gute Taten eV. As a result, early 2019, our sanctuary was granted enough money to cover:

* the purchase of some medical equipment for the veterinary clinic

* most of the veterinary fees (medication, analyses, etc)

* the maintenance and the cleaning of structures (kitchen, night rooms, clinic, etc)

This amazing grant supported J.A.C.K. during the 6 first months of year 2019. This unexpected sponsorship was a huge relief since so many things are missing and everything is so costly in this part of the world!

Many, many THANKS to the team and to the donors of 24gute Taten! Your project is stunning!

And a huge THANK YOU also to the great team of Pro Wildlife which guided us through the whole project process!!


Metallic “shields” to improve security

J.A.C.K. started 13 years ago and the rescued baby chimpanzee orphans we rescued then have now turnt into strong and nearly adult chimpanzees. Since our sanctuary is located in the town of Lubumbashi, one of our priorities is to keep our complex secure and to keep the people living in the neighbourhood safe. Even if all our residents grew up close to humans,we will never know what their attitude will be in case they escape…

This is why last year the BRIGITTE BARDOT FOUNDATION accepted to start new developments in order to enforce the security of the open air enclosure of our main group (sub-adults).


Huge metallic “shields” have thus been bent and fixed on top of the walls surrounding the playground. It is Mrs Itsaso Velez del Burgo, from Lwiro (Bukavu), who showed us how to curve the metallic plates. J.A.C.K.’s welder built the curving machine and long weeks of hard work were awaiting him since welding, curving and fixing these heavy “shields” took a lot of time and energy!

Thanks to the priceless support of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, J.A.C.K. managed to enforce the security of the enclosure of the group of sub-adult chimpanzees and also part of the playground of the Nursery group II.

These huge “shields” are a wonderful way to secure facilities and we all at J.A.C.K. feel extremely grateful to the Foundation for this wonderful support!

Of course, it would be better if our residents could be in the forest already, but since this point has not been clarified yet, we do the best we can to keep them healthy and safe.

Many thanks again to Mrs Elodie of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, to her team and donors for their trust, their help and for their wish to provide our hairy family with the best care!


Blowing winds, broken walls and fallen trees!

The recent weeks have been quite hectic regarding climate. We have never seen such heavy rains and winds have never blown that much!! Roofs were blown away. Trees fell at several places of the town thus breaking houses and walls….

As a result, at J.A.C.K. , the main wall separating our sanctuary from a main city road collapsed and about 60m of the same wall were near to collapse soon as well. Therefore, the wall  had to be rebuilt at the soonest for security reasons since the broken wall was on open gate to any unwanted guests!!

J.A.C.K. has had the chance to have an emergency support from the PAN AFRICAN SANCTUARY ALLIANCE (PASA) to repair the wall very quickly. It was election times. You could feel tensions everywhere and people were afraid of total chaos…

Thanks to the PASA, construction could take place immediately to keep our chimpanzee friends safe from harm. The broken wall was located 51 m from their facilities only…

Unfortunately, later on, we had more wind and rains… This time, a tree fell on the same wall we had just restored …

We tried to remain very positive as, in our bad luck, we have been extremely lucky no people and no chimpanzees got hurt!

Also, during these tough times, we really appreciated the presence of the two armed Rangers who stood close to the broken walls and patrolled day and night! Thanks to the wonderful support of the INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE (IPPL), and since 2013, J.A.C.K. has had two ICCN Rangers (DRC wildlife authority) to keep the sanctuary and its residents free from danger!

Many, many thanks again to PASA and to  IPPL for their trust and valuable support! Your help made us feel less lonely in these gloomy days!!!


The Brigitte Bardot Foundation enforcing security at J.A.C.K.

For several years, J.A.C.K. has had he wonderful support of the BRIGITTE BARDOT FOUNDATION and its trust has made valuable developments to improve the life of J.A.C.K.’s captive residents.

This year, the French Foundation has accepted to launch a new development project which aims to enforce the security of open air playgrounds. The hairy residents of J.A.C.K. are now indeed turning into big and powerful adults; security is an important factor also especially because the sanctuary is located in the city of Lubumbashi!

The main group of chimpanzees has an open air facility surrounded by 3 meter-high walls and 3 lines of electrical wires . To the founders of J.A.C.K., this is not enough and therefore, unlike other ape sanctuaries, they opted to fix metallic shields on top of the walls to prevent any chimp escape!

The works started weeks ago and security shields have been set on part of the play ground. It is J.A.C.K.’s welder, George, who is carrying out all the works and we are extremely grateful for his patience, his professionalism and meticulous work!

This is how George proceeded:

* First, George cut metallic sheets

* Once welded together, the sheets were bent thanks to a machine George built himself!

* Then, Georges welded the metallic supports to keep the sheets bent

And finally the shields were fixed on strong poles and a metallic structure on top of the walls of the playground

So far, the works are not finished and we will keep you updated on the progress of the this wonderful project!

Many thanks again to Mrs Elodie, to Mrs Virginie and to all the great team of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for their trust and wish to help! The residents of J.A.C.K. are lucky to be in their hearts!!!

Before ending, we also would like to thank a colleague, Mrs Itsaso Véles del Burgo from CPRL ,who gave us some precious advice on the construction of the metallic shields. 

Veterinary Clinic – more developments!

The construction of our veterinary clinic is progressing very well!

Today, the power system, the ceiling, the windows are fixed and so is half of the plumbing. Most of the tiles have been set. Outside the clinic the walls have been plastered and a huge concrete topping was built. We still need to paint the walls & the night rooms and to place the lights.

We have already talked about the kind 2018 contributions of different partners ( Columbus Zoodu Zoo de La Palmyre and  Pro Wildife ) and this time we are happy to announce the wonderful support of two other sponsors who have helped us previously : the French Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AFVPZ) and 1620 Capital.

When starting the first steps of last year’s vet clinic project, we introduced the  ASSOCIATION FRANÇAISE DES VÉTÉRINAIRES DES PARCS ZOOLOGIQUES (AFVPZ) which is an association  of  zoo veterinarians from many French speaking countries. They all work together for a same goal: the welfare of animals living in zoos.

In a recent post, we also mentioned an Australian company,  1620 Capital, which has sponsored actions in Perth to raise awareness about J.A.C.K. and its rescued orphans. In addition to this, earlier this year, 1620 Capital  offered medication to our chimpanzees.

Many, many thanks to the team of the AFVPZ , to Mr Jason Brewer and to 1620 Capital for their wish to be part of this huge building project. It is a privilege to work with all of you! Your valuable support is really appreciated and is helping J.A.C.K. more than you can imagine!

Thank YOU for THEM! 

Again, a wonderful support from the Zoo of La Palmyre

The building of a Veterinary Clinic is a huge project for J.A.C.K. and, today, we are proud to announce you the precious contribution of the  ZOO DE LA PALMYRE, a French zoo that has been supporting our sanctuary since 2009!  J.A.C.K.  is extremely grateful to the Zoo, its team and  donors for their participation which enables the project to take huge steps forward!

Every day, new buildling material is acquired and J.A.C.K.’s team of artisans does its utmost to reach its goal: the building of an exceptional Vet Clinic! So far,

– the ceiling has been fixed;

– drains were built for waste water and for storm water;

– all the plumbing works have been done;

– the first tiles were set ;

– a concrete sqeed was built at the entrance of the clinic;

– and the external walls of the building are being roughcasted.

More works still have to be done (painting, windows, lights). We remain confident and convinced the Veterinary Clinic of J.A.C.K. will be nice and -of course! – extremely practical!!

The Congolese Sanctuary, its team and residents wish to thank again Mrs Florence and the Zoo of La Palmyre for their interest, for their trust and for their will to provide these orphaned creatures with the best care!

Many, many thanks for making this dream of a vet clinic at J.A.C.K.  come true!