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🍃YUMMY GUAVAS just harvested by keepers Ngoy and Jeremy! Our chimps are lucky today!

Our keepers are used to hide pieces of fruits (vegetables or other festivities) into our day areas !

It looks like Vida found some of these little hidden surprises, and doesn’t hesitate to taste it all in the high grass for more tranquility 😄

Nothing better than being able to watch our residents share a good meal together!

With this group picture, J.A.C.K. wishes you a great Wednesday!

Vitamin C cure!

Thank you to the generous donors for allowing us to offer our chimps these wonderful oranges.

What a good start for the new year !

Every donation matters 💚 thank you for them!

🍊EARLY MORNING ENRICHMENT – food is hidden every day on the playgrounds to help our friends keep their #instinct of #forraging


🍊WONDERFUL FRUIT bought when driving to the Zambian border to collect urgent medication (again, thank you Chimfunshi people for you help!). About 230 kilos of oranges and 90 of apples were bought thanks to our generous September donors and chimp sponsors! Thank you again, dear Friends! Your LOVE helps us achieve great things for THEM!

Our hairy friends are extremely delighted as tomato season has just started and they love this special treat!!!

Since his arrival at J.A.C.K., young Mata has always loved watermelons. Unfortunately, we don’t find them all year long and have to import them from Zambia!

Tika and Lynn are sitting close to the pond and are enjoying some tasty sugar cane! The sky is bright, the sun is shining… it seems it will be a nice and warm day today!


ON THE MENU TODAY some cabbage, carrots and bush onions. Our residents were very quiet and eating well. It seems the really enjoyed their meal!

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