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The day EKOLO arrived, he was immediately introduced to TOMMY & NALIA who were in quarantine. Since then, the 3 of them have been best friends!

7.30 am – 1st feeding time of the day with Maman Angeline, Ngoy, Alain, Isaac & Elie

Maman Angeline, Roxane & Ngoy

Elie & Isaac

Alain, Ngoy & Maman Angeline

Pro Wildlife is a German organisation which, since 1999, defends several wildlife causes (elephants, bears, apes, rhinos, wales, etc) through NGO’s working all over the world.


Today, Pro Wildlife decided to help J.A.C.K. 36 chimpanzee orphans and has kindly sponsored Dr Ainare’s journey (flight tickets +all vet supplies) sothat she could work on some of our residents who needed important and/or urgent vet care.


There indeed were different vet issues at J.A.C.K.  :

(1) Doguy has had eye problems for years (uveitis). Both eyes were sick: the dead one was removed last Monday and the second one needs very particular attention!

(2) Young male PADDA has one testicle and an ultrasound scan had to tell us if the second testicle existed and where it was located. No testicle has been found, so no surgery took place for PADDA;

(3) DIAN needed an implant

(4) Young PASA had his upper mandibula slightly broken and small pieces of bone came out of the upper side of his right canine;

(5) MAYA is regularly going through anemia and weight loss. Dr Ainare wanted to focus on her case!

This morning we sedated young friend TONGO who has had several absceses for the last two months and more updates on him will follow as his case is exceptionnal…


J.A.C.K., its residents, Franck & I do thank  Pro Wildlife for its priceless support! Without this sponsorship, our sanctuary would not have been able to bring all these veterinary needs to its rescued orphans. Also, J.A.C.K. wishes to thank Dr Ainare for her time, her experience and her determination in helping J.A.C.K. ! You all rock!!

9 - sept 21

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Pundu is the 3 biggest male of the nursery group!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – It seems our young orphans are extremely focused on getting the treats out of the fake termite mound

Sedating one chimpanzee, is one thing. But to anesthetise all the 37 residents of our sanctuary is a huge and expensive task!

As a member of the PAN AFRICAN SANCTUARY ALLIANCE (PASA), J.A.C.K. has to conduct regular health checks on its boarders to examine if they are healthy and if they are growing well.

Three assistants from Europe had been asked to come over to help J.A.C.K. volunteer vet, Dr BINEMO. Unfortunately, Dr IDOIAGA from Spain didn’t get her DRC Visa and couldn’t attend this very particular event that had been scheduled since October 2017 already.

So, Manon and Lyna were the two volunteer guests to be part of J.A.C.K team. Health Checks took place from April 24 till April 29. About 5 to 6 chimpanzees were sedated and examined daily. The event had been cautiously organized by founder Roxane; each and every member of the team had his individual part of the job to achive. J.A.C.K. keepers helped a lot although they had to do their daily duties as to maintain the chimpanzees’ routine.

PASA ED, Mr. TULLY Gregg, and PASA team organised a fundraiser to collect donations for J.A.C.K.. This is how, thanks to the wonderful particpation of PASA and its great donors, J.A.C.K. managed to rent vet equipment (scan), could proceed to descaling of the chimps’ teeth and rent a vet theater for a specific surgery (eye removal). All the anesthetisers, the reverse drugs, the implants and the TB tests have been kindly offered by French zoo ESPACE ZOOLOGIQUE DE ST-MARTIN-LA-PLAINE which we kindly thank too! A huge donation offered by a valuable sponsor, Mr Pierre THIVILLON, who has been supportng J.A.C.K. from the early beginning in 2006!

Although extremely nervous, all the chimpanzees of the sanctuary collaborated. Some were of course very anxious while others didn’t care…

J.A.C.K. team did a wonderful job as our keepers had to maintain the chimps’ routine in addition to their participation in the health exams…

Again, we would like to thank Mr Gregg TULLY  (E.D. of PASA) ,the PASA team and super donors for their valuable support!! J.A.C.K. wouldn’t have been able to achieve these important health examnations without THEIR support!


A lot of work again today and we were happy to welcome a friend of mine, Dr Jackie, who has adviced me for years on veterinary issues and who had never worked with chimpanzees before… Jackie spent just a few hours with us and was glad to experience health checks with my team.

All our patients did well and are doing fine!

Pictures of the day:

  • Lynn asleep

  • Papa Ngoy carrying Maïka

  • Vida having her teeth cleaned

Again I would like to thank my wonderful team as well as the students of the Lubumbashi schools who joined us today.

Also, many, many thank to Dr Jackie for her interest and support! It was great having you around!!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Maïka has apparently not found smaller sticks to hunt for treats in the fake termite mound

We have just heard Internet will be cut in about an hour. So, we will feel more lonely than ever!

Things are quite so far here and the army is patrolling all over the city probably to show it’s presence and to reassure us; I don’t know…

Chimps & humans at J.A.C.K. are ok but in all that turmoil we really don’t feel it’s Christmas… We all hope and pray things will turn out without violence… this is all so sad 🙁

I hope i’ll be able to come back to you soon… a few days? weeks?

Au revoir


Several days ago, the PanAfrican Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) as well as a few friends launched an appeal to help our sick friend Bihati.

Many of you did reply and we are extremely grateful of your support as it has been helping our sanctuary purchase the needed drugs we couldn’t find here in the DRC and which have come from Zambia and Europe.


Although Bihati’s health seemed stabilized last week and responded to the new antibiotic treatment, today she looks tired as if she doesn’t want to fight any more. She is still eating and drinking, but she is losing strength mentally and physically. All our team is concerned and stays with her as much as possible to provide all the love and care she needs…

Keep strong, Bihati! We all LOVE you and want you to recover as fast as possible!

bihati merci.2

J.A.C.K. again wishes to thank the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) for its Newsletter. Also, many thanks to the following Friends of JACK who sent us their precious aid: Kelly J., Jo and Ryan, Leanne H, Patti C, Lauren H, Stacey M.C, Stephanie E, John G, Sarah S, Oliver W, Malcolm G, Maria Susana P, Meghan H, Wanda H, Itsaso V, Eva MC, Marina DR, Burglind D, Kristina K, Antonia W, Kristine & Tyler, Wendy M, Frances B, Nancy G, Alison B, Amy M, George WB, Rob Q, Lesa M and Tania F. Your help has been really appreciated!


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