Doguy’s surgery (1)
Doguy’s surgery (1)

Doguy’s surgery (1)

Young male Doguy is the one-eyed chimpanzee we talked a lot about last September during Great Apes Giving Day.

Doguy’s remaining eye is sick and funds have been raised to operate it. This is how two Southafrican eye surgeons accepted to fly over to help Doguy.

The surgery was planned end of November but had to be postponed as one of the veterinarians didn’t get the DRC Visa! Also, Doguy was sick at that time (fever) and wouldn’t have been strong enough to undergo any sedation/operation…

Therefore, it was decided Doguy would be operated end of February after DRC’s presidential elections.

The good news of today is that the two surgeons have just arrived in Lubumbashi and that they plan to work on Doguy’s eye tomorrow, Thursday the 21st! They paid a visit to Doguy this afternoon already!

Please, keep Doguy in your prayers for the next coming days – he really needs all you Love!

I will keep you updated!

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