After lockdown, a sanitary protocol at J.A.C.K.

Remember, last April, our sanctuary was put on total lockdown by the DR Wildlife authorities which means that our team had to remain inside to protect them and the chimps against the coronavirus.

Today, and since September 1st, the lockdown has been lifted and our staff members are back with their families. Because the virus was still propagating (and still is!) in town it was obvious a sanitary protocol had to be set up to prevent the worst.

Therefore, our founder, Roxane, worked for weeks with and American team on new sanitary measures to implement once the staff would be allowed to leave the sanctuary.

This is how a form was created including different questions on the health of the staff member, its family and entourage. Temperatures are taken twice a day. Upon arrival, hands must be washed thoroughly and shoes must be soaked in footbaths containing some bleach.

Tool development was supported by PASA International and the Non Human Private COVID-19 Information Hub Team , supported by an award from the Arcus Foundation to the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine for capacity building in the control and management of zoonotic diseases in great ape sanctuaries.

Many thanks again to all the different participants of this interesting and important project! The team of J.A.C.K. seems to stick to the rules and is happy the protocol was set up once they left the sanctuary!

Four Paws supports J.A.C.K.

It is was a lot of emotion that we share this post! Things have been very tough here between the pandemic and the insecurity caused by its economic crisis. However, we keep hope and we are convinced miracle exist and it is the case with a brand new partner who kindly accepted to offer its generosity to our orphans…
Yes, our sanctuary has indeed been granted incredible support from FOUR PAWS International to contribute to the food supplies of our residents during these tough times of Covid19. Feeding 34 growing chimpanzees is a daily challenge especially when food is scarce or when prices suddenly increase… Therefore, J.A.C.K., its residents and team are extremely grateful for the wonderful aid of Four Paws!
Many thanks again to FOUR PAWS, its great team and generous donors for their beautiful help!


A long sleepless night! Waiting for the gun shots to stop to drive to the chimps. They are very frightened as all that unrest happened very close to the sanctuary. Hopefully, the night shift and the Ranger watched over the chimps and the complex. So far, everyone is safe…  The chimps remained indoors a bit longer than usual. Once danger was over, our residents could go outside. Team and chimps are fine – Thank you for your encouraging messages!!





Coco back in his group

Do you remember? Coco’s right eye had been hurt probably in a fight and he was sedated to have an eye check. He then had to remain isolated from the others to receive appropriate care.

Today, Coco is doing great and it sees his eye problem belongs to the past! He is now back with his friends in his group.

So happy for him!

The Zoo de La Palmyre supports J.A.C.K. in 2020

We are very happy the J.A.C.K. sanctuary can again count on the wonderful support of the Zoo of La Palmyre.

It has now been 11 years that this sponsor helps the Congolese sanctuary. And thanks to its grant, J.A.C.K. has been able to develop the complex so as to improve the captive conditions of the rescued chimpanzees.

This year, the grant of the French Zoo will finally end a project that started 3 years ago. Since the residents are getting bigger and stronger, their facilities must be adapted to their strength and growth. Therefore, the 3 open air playgrounds have had their security improved by means of huge metallic “shields” placed on top of the electrical fences.

The welder launched the final stage of this huge security project earlier this year but had to stop all the works due to the pandemic. The sanctuary was indeed put on lockdown on the 2nd of April and no one was allowed to enter the complex except the Founders of J.A.C.K. The last security”shields” were built just before lockdown and remained in the middle of the forest…

Today, even if the Corona virus is still around the sanctuary, the lockdown has been lifted and our team of artisans could start working again by following a strict sanitary protocol that has been implemented by the Founders. The sanctuary is still closed to visitors. Only the staff and the artisans are allowed to enter. All of them have to stick to the sanitary measures imposed by the sanctuary. The welder will soon finish the works…