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The Problem
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On March 31st, the so expected decision of the DRC Wildlife authority (ICCN) was announced: for the coming month and from the second April on, J.A.C.K. will be totally locked down as a result of the so many precautionary measures that are being taken by the government to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Kinshasa, the capital of the DR Congo, is already infected and so are cities of a few other DRC provinces. No Covid-19 cases have been really confirmed in Lubumbashi and this is why the ICCN (DRC Institute of National Parks) and J.A.C.K. Founders decided to anticipate. Remember: this is a brand new virus and we don’t know what impact it can have on chimpanzees…

ICCN Provincial  Director of Greater Katanga, Mr MUIR Robert, came at the sanctuary to share his decision. J.A.C.K. is no longer allowed to accept visitors and its personnel has been asked to stay at the complex with the chimpanzees. The ICCN Rangers ensuring the security of the sanctuary have to stick to the same rules. And both Founders, Franck and Roxane, have been asked to take good care of the teams staying at the centre as they are the only ones allowed to enter the place to provide food and equipment.

The Rangers and J.A.C.K. team were aware of this decision and had accepted the lock down of the sanctuary. The Founders provide them with food, have bought items for their accomodation (matrasses, mosquito nets, buckets, cooing  ustensils, etc), have offered weekly airtime for the workers to call their families and athey were also given a bonus to store food for the families. This decision represents a huge sacrifice for all of them especially in these very particular times (disease, growing insecurity due to increasing prices, etc).

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🌿GROOMING is essential to create strong social bonds and to ease tensions in a #chimp group

💝 SEKI WAS RESCUED 12 YEARS AGO – he is one of our biggest males of the main group and is always full of energy! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, my boy!

🌴Our ‘big’ boys are hunting for yummy peanut treats hidden in the high grass

🌴ENRICHMENT – Tommy shows how to build a nest and how to get treats from a cardboard box

🍃YUMMY GUAVAS just harvested by keepers Ngoy and Jeremy! Our chimps are lucky today!

 ON FEBRUARY THE 14th, LOVE will be celebrated!

Offering the sponsorship of a chimp orphan would be a very special present as it would be totaly different from the traditional flowers, jewelry, perfume… Sponsoring a chimpanzee will for sure be unique for your partner and represent great support for the young orphan rescued from the bushmeat trade!

Tommy, Luna, Nalia and their friends are waiting to become dear to your heart

ARMED RANGERS AT J.A.C.K are important as fighting the trade of endangered species doesn’t always bring you friends! Many thanks to the DRC wildlife authority (ICCN) for giving us Rangers and many thanks to IPPL to help us provide the best to the two Rangers!

CHITA  was already wearing that name before his arrival at lubumbashi zoo. So we kept it…

Chita is a young male and must have been about 2 years old when he arrived in j.a.c.k.

He spent the beginning of his young life in a congolese family. But, becoming too dangerous for them, he was gived to the lubumbashi zoo and we then recovered it.

We called him the “boss” because he always had the build and strength to move forward with the group.
Only, the arrival of a male older than him in the group has changed everything.

Today, he still has a place in the group and always gets respect.

To sponsor one of our chimpanzees and know a little more about their stories, it’s over here on our website

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