In JAK’s memory
In JAK’s memory

In JAK’s memory

On this special day, the sanctuary remembers its very first confiscation.
It was on April 6, 2006 in Lubumbashi that JAK was saved after being noticed by a passerby in one of the streets of the city with a rope around his hips attached to a bicycle.
With the help of the Nature Conservation Authorities (ICCN), JAK was released from his bondage.
And this rescue was like the spark that later pushed our two founders, Franck & Roxane to create J.A.C.K.
This day is not trivial because through the confiscation of JAK, several great and small apes are saved year after year and now live in safety at the sanctuary to then be released into their natural homes after rehabilitation.
Over these 16 years, everything has not always been rosy, but we have been able to hold on in difficult times thanks to your trust and unfailing support. We are more than grateful to you.
Over these 16 years we have faced countless trials, some of which almost put us on the ground, but the passion for this work, the dedication we have put into it, have constantly helped us to never give up.
We thank ICCN for their support from the beginning with JAK and during all these years.
Our thanks also to the partners who have ever hold our hand by their multiple contributions to the sanctuary.
To all the anonymous donors, to all the members of L’AJA (Les Amis de JACK), and to all those that sponsors one or more primates at the sanctuary, our sincere thanks.
Just like JAK was, several primates are somewhere in the middle of traffic and now need your help to get them out.
To support us in this fight against wildlife trafficking, make a donation because many lives depend on your gesture. Every bit counts!
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In memory of you, JAK, Thank you.
06 April 2006 – 06 April 2022. 16 years