« Les Amis de JACK » (LAJA)
« Les Amis de JACK » (LAJA)

« Les Amis de JACK » (LAJA)

Dear readers,


JACK is pleased to announce you the creation of its little sister named « Les Amis de JACK » (Friends of JACK), a charity located in the Ariège (South of France) whose principal aim is to collect funds for our DRC Sanctuary.

Since the early beginning, J.A.C.K. has always had several French donors and members of its adoption program. Two of them, Eliane and Florence, have decided they would start « LAJA »  to facilitate fund raising in France. Therefore,  « Les Amis de JACK »  is an association officially recognised as being in the public interest and offers a incredible advantage to French supporters through tax deduction (66%).  For example, a donation of 120$ will finally cost 40 $ after tax deduction. Isn’t that wonderful??


We are very happy two of our members have taken such important decision. It means a lot to us at J.A.C.K./DRC since such commitment makes us feel less alone in our fight. The chimps need people like Flo and Eliane to spread Conservation messages. And they need more people like them to make people aware about the fact they don’t have much time to live in the wild if nothing is done in Africa, if nothing is done anywher else on this planet to protect THEM!

Many thanks to Eliane and Florence for their wish to be part of the fight!

Merci encore du fond du coeur à vous deux, Eliane et Flo, pour ce magnifique engagement! Les chimps sauvés par J.A.C.K. vous en seront éternellement reconnaissants!




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