Thank you for the beautiful Xmas gifts
Thank you for the beautiful Xmas gifts

Thank you for the beautiful Xmas gifts

Yes! Great news!

Remember, earlier this week we shared « JACK Xmas Wish list » and… know that with the kindness of 6 people, J.A.C.K. will be able to offer its team new , strong rubber boots as well as juicy oranges to its residents!

Also, since we have received much more than expected, we will probably offer more oranges to our sick (flu) orphans. I say ‘probably’ as with the current political unrest, we are not sure shops/markets will be open in the coming days.  If we manage to buy everything in the coming days, for sure, our keepers and our hairy kids at J.A.C.K. will be spoiled on Christmas! I’ll have some pictures and will share them with you once social networks will be working again (today, all social media will be cut by DRC Government and maybe we won’t have Internet either !!).

Many many thanks to the following Friends of J.A.C.K who have made this Xmas event possible: Valérie L, Marie-Odile L, Emilie & Philippe, Tania F and her dear parents! You have made the Magic of Christmas come true for J.A.C.K. chimps & team!!!

Thank YOU for THEM!


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