tyres, useful enrichment !
tyres, useful enrichment !

tyres, useful enrichment !

Dear Friends,

Not many words will be needed to make you understand how old tyres can turn into interesting enrichment tools for chimps. You’ll see by yourselves that each orphan of our sanctuary is keeping himself or herself busy while playing with the tyres we have set all over the open air playground of the nursery group.



VIDA rolling
TOMMY teaching NALIA where to put hands and feet when holding a tyre
Kimo inventing « tyre-boarding »


Maïka : left hand here and right hand there…
Elia – I can see something ….


Tika – time for a break !


Lynn – somebody’s in here ???


Dian likes to hide things inside the old tyre

What about you? What would you do with an old tyre????

















































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