Updates on Bapu (2)
Updates on Bapu (2)

Updates on Bapu (2)

Young female Bapu went trhough a long surgery three days ago and we can say that she is doing fine now.

Bapu is a little fighter, she’s eating and drinking well and, since this morning, we have noticed her face is was more serene than yesterday and that her leg was less swollen!

9 - sept4
her leg yesterday and today

Our keepers stay with Bapu 24h/day and prepare loads of enrichment to keep her busy and to prevent her from touching/scratching her wound.


Bapu is still isolated in a low cage so that she cannot stand on her leg. It isn’t funny, but we don’t have much choice! We want the best for Bapu, we want her to recover soon in a neat place and, therefore, keeping her bedding clean is part of our mission: 3 à 4 times/day, our keepers change Bapu’s bedding. These moments are precious since Bapu decided it was a game: each time the keeper tries to take some grass away, she grabs it tightly for a few seconds just to tease her human friend…

As you can see, Bapu is improving day by day. Once her leg will become stronger we will move our young friend to a bigger room closer to her group!

We will keep you updated of course!

Many thanks again to all our firends who care about her and ask for updates daily!

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