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Today we checked the last members of Tikas group. Everything went well and Tika, the alpha, despite his bad boy appearance, behaved gently athough very stressed at darting.

Some pictures of today:

  • Lyna carrying little Rosie at recovery room

  • Papa Jérémie keeping an eye on sedated Elia while we are all checking Tika

  • Papa Jérémie keeping contact with Tika just bfore he gets darted. Tika is anxious and always looks behind him as he knows vet Jean Claude isn’t far

  • J.A.C.K. doesn’t have a vet clinic. For 11 years now we have been working in “bush” conditions. For the Health Checks we cleaned and painted a small container as it was important to keep both our team and sedated residents dry and warm since it’s still raining these days (rainy season) and since winter is around the corner (dry season). This is why you mainly see chimps with blankets!


Thank you Jean Claude, Lyna, Manon, Julie, papa Ngoy and Papa Jérémie for this Day 6 of J.A.C.K. health Checks. And also many thanks to my J.A.C.K. team who helps the sanctuary in its daily routine: Maman Angeline, Yannik, Bondo and Landry!


Our big boys behaved during the health check except sJAC who got extremely nervous and hit the doors & bars of the sedation cage. Coco didn’t even realised he was darted – this strong boy can be very calm when in confidence.

I personaly hate all that darting and all the anxiousness it provides. Therefore, before and just at sedation time, I always do my best to sit  next to my rescued orphans to make them feel ok – it seems that once they hear my voice they can go to sleep in trust. Some even give me their hands once they lose control as to keep contact with me…

Some pictures of the day:

  • Lyna checking Washu’s ears

  • Dr Jean Claude checking Mwisho’s lungs

  • Manon drawing some of Coco’s blood

  • Papa Ngoy talking to Athanga before sedation

Many thanks again and again for my precious team and for the students from the local school who attended the health checks. W hope they had an interesting experience!!

Today we would like to check our biggest and oldest males of the main group: Mwisho, Washu, Athanga, Coco & Jac

No Day 4 of Health Checks today – chimps and humans needed to relax and to de-stress!

A lot of work again today and we were happy to welcome a friend of mine, Dr Jackie, who has adviced me for years on veterinary issues and who had never worked with chimpanzees before… Jackie spent just a few hours with us and was glad to experience health checks with my team.

All our patients did well and are doing fine!

Pictures of the day:

  • Lynn asleep

  • Papa Ngoy carrying Maïka

  • Vida having her teeth cleaned

Again I would like to thank my wonderful team as well as the students of the Lubumbashi schools who joined us today.

Also, many, many thank to Dr Jackie for her interest and support! It was great having you around!!

This Tuesday morning, we would like to check Maïka, Vida, Lynn , Bapu & Pundu – Keeping fingrs crossed!

Today, we were meant to sedate Shasa, Jacky, Wanza, Seki, Jac and Bachi but, everyone working with wildlife knows that some of them are unpredictable and that you always need to adjust your schedule in accordance with your patients!

So, big male Jac refused to be isolated and we had instead Chita and Maya who remained indoors. Not that they love to be sedated, but I think it was curiosity that kept them inside! So, instead of checking 6 orphans, we did 7!

Pictures of Day 2:

  • Wanza waiting to be sedated

  • Shasa waking up

  • Dr Binemo checking Maya before she wakes up

Two more volunteers participated today: Julie and Anne, our two friends of J.A.C.K. living in Lubumbashi and who regularly volunteer at the Sanctuary!

Many thanks to all who participated this Monday in J.A.C.K. HEALTH CHECKS! 



Today, no longer babies but ‘big’ ones who will be sedated. We hope to examine the followings: Shasa, Jacky, Bachi, Seki, Jac & Wanza. We keep our fingers crossed everything will be fine! Please, send your positive thoughts today to J.A.C.K. !!!

All checks and sedations went well!

Today we started with the youngest orphans of our sanctuary and they are all doing well!

We are extremely sad the 3rd volunteer didn’t arrive! The 3rd lady is a vet qualified in great apes and we were all very excited to meet her! She apparently didn’t get her DRC visa. A real nightmare to J.A.C.K. since we all were longing for her to share her experience with us and, in addition to this, she was coming with drugs we really needed for the health checks!

Today, our team was made of the two volunteers who arrived last week, Manon & Lyna, our DRC volunteer vet, Dr Binemo Jean Claude and my self.




Also, every day, J.A.C.K. has 5 extra people coming to attend the Health Checks: students of the Lubumbashi Vet University and students of the local Public health school. J.A.C.K. wants to give these final-year-students the chance to see how we all work  during this particular event, to make them understand why these checks are important to our residents and why J.A.C.K. is struggling every day to rescue them!  J.A.C.K. Health Checks seems to have become a way to spread awareness too on Great Apes and their survival in the DRC!


Many thanks to all the people who took part this Sunday in the first part of our Health Checks. Many, many thanks also to the tem of J.A.C.K who has to carry on its daily work with the chimps in addition to this paticular event at the Sanctuary!

Today is D-Day!

J.A.C.K. Health Checks start today and 7 of our orphans will be slightly sedated.

Please, keep in your thoughts Luna, Kaly, Mata, Kimo, Tommy, Ekolo & Nalia!!

Thank you !

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