Rescue of 25 primates (part 6)

The works to build the facilities to accomodate at best the 25 monkeys from Zimbabwe are progressing very well and we will soon share new pictures for you the appreciate the evolution of what has been achieved.

Today, we would like to introduce the team which has been working since end of October on this beautiful project: welder, bricklayers, painters, electrician and plumber… a complete and wonderful team of artisans known from everyone at J.A.C.K. (chimpanzees included) because they have been part of many many building projects of the sanctuary.

For years, J.A.C.K. could have hired building companies to develop the complex. However, some of these companies here are not serious, work slowly and charge a lot! Therefore, the sanctuary has been working with a qualified team of artisans who are part of the social program of J.A.C.K.: working at the sanctuary thus represents a way to support their families and children… In these times of pandemic, to have a job is very important and the Founders of the sanctuary are happy they can help!

All these workers are always around when J.A.C.K. needs them to improve the complex.

Georges, Kazadi, Moïse, Serge and assitants: thank YOU all for the great work you do at J.A.C.K.!

Thank YOU all for the amazing support in 2020

Year 2020 was a year full of surprises and of great challenges!

We at J.A.C.K. have been lucky to have the incredible support of wonderful people and institutions!

Thank YOU all again for your help! We wouldn’t have been able to provide our team and our residents with all the beautiful care in these tough times of the pandemic. Nor would we have been able to achieve all the superb on-site developments for the team, the chimpanzees and for the monkeys that are coming from Zimbabwe!

We have no words to express how thankful we are as to say ‘thank you’ isn’t strong enough compared to the feeling of gratitude we have towards your generosity… It was great working with all of YOU in 2020 and we hope we will still work with all of YOU in 2021…

Thank YOU all for THEM!





Security and on-site developments thanks to IPPL!

As some of you know already, the INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE has been enforcing security at the sanctuary through its support to the two armed National Park Rangers who work day and night at the sanctuary. Their presence is important to the residents and to the personnel of J.A.C.K.: the DRC area where the sanctuary is located is regularly shaken by unrest and it is crucial to keep everyone at J.A.C.K. safe from harm!

This year, in addition to security enforcement, IPPL has also supported the team during the five-month-lockdown and it has also helped to improve the personnel area at the sanctuary.

The team had indeed lived in basic conditions during the five-month-long lockdown and improving the accommodation and the organization of the two personnel buildings at J.A.C.K. was a necessity. This first total isolation experience has showed the importance of a better place to work, to live, to cook, to eat and to rest for all the staff members.

Therefore, on-site developments have been brought to facilitate life: changes in the internal lay-out of the buildings (building lockers, shelves, beds, and tables, electricity installation), improvement of the shower  and construction of a roof to protect the buildings.

Personnel buildings BEFORE

Personnel buildings AFTER and thanks to the support of IPPL

Also, since the personnel area had been totally reshaped and repainted, new paint was brought onto the kitchen where the food of the chimpanzees is prepared.

The personnel of J.A.C.K.  and the residents of the sanctuary are extremely grateful to the INTERNATIONAL PRIMATE PROTECTION LEAGUE and its great donors for their endless and valuable support! Thanks to their generosity and trust, very important on-site developments have been possible in the staff area as well as in the kitchen. Since the Covid19 virus is slowly following its propagation, J.A.C.K. sanctuary is now more prepared should a second total lockdown be imposed on its team members.

Thank YOU for the team of J.A.C.K.!


Sania has got an important appointment

We were in a hurry the other day as baby Sania had an important appointment!

Non, no, no…Sania is not going to meet a boyfriend nor any other chimp friend of the sanctuary. Before doing so, she absolutely must undergo a short sedation so that the vet can get blood samples.

So, sorry for the not so good news, but the important visit is to see the Vet of J.A.C.K., Dr Christian!


Sedation went well and the Vet managed to get all the needed tests done for her to be no longer isolated from the others.

All the blood work is fine and Sania is now ready for the next challenge: meeting another chimp! We are so happy for her! 


New challenges for baby Sania

🐵Following message is from our Founder, Roxane:
” My 1st mission is now over. Sania has gained strength physicaly and mentally. Her place is no longer with me but with others of her own kind. New challenges are to come for this little one at the sanctuary. She will be fine! I am so happy she progressed so well!”

Rescue 25 of primates – works (part 5)

Works continue at J.A.CK. in order to accomodate at best the 25 Congolese monkeys that were smuggled through the Zambian border last September and which were confiscated by the Zimbabwean Wildlife Authorities.Today, these monkeys are still kindly being looked after by a NGO of Zimbabwe partnering with the Zimbabwean Wildlife Aurthorities

Thanks only to the generosity of J.A.C.K. donors, the works can be achieved to make this wonderful project come true! The 4 satellite cages are now completely finished and ready to welcome the monkeys. Also, the kitchen is nearly ready too and so are the two small outside enclosures.

Many, many thanks to the donors who made the building of these facilities possible. They are amazing people with an amazing and passionate heart!

Again, THANK YOU to

Olsen Animal Trust

International Primate Protection League

Fondation Brigitte Bardot

San Diego Zoo

Pro Wildlife

Kansas City Zoo

Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

Columbus Zoo

Pro Steel

Zoo de La Palmyre

Gaïa Zoo

Espace Zoologique de Saint Martin-la-Plaine



Luvua, another survivor of the bushmeat trade

🐺LUVUA is a young jackal. She arrived at the sanctuary several months ago: her mom had been killed by poachers and brought to the village to feed her properly to eat her afterwards…
One of the villagers knew about J.A.C.K. rescuing wildlfe and he brought her to us one night.

Young and traumatized, it took her some time to adjust and now she gets on very well with Roxane, our Founder, who takes care of her every day… Today, Luvua has gained in size and in self-confidence.

Another chimp in need

It is obvious 2020 isn’t a good year! Too many animals are being poached, slaughtered and rescued by rescue centers. It seems the situation is worse than ever and it is clear that, one day, Mother Nature won’t be as generous any more….

This time, we rescued an adult female chimpanzee –  we named her Lulah

Lulah looks fine but only the bllod work and lots of observations will tell us in the coming days/weeks how she really is! (Sorry, the spelling of Lullah’s name on the video is not correct – small mistake!!