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Robyn is an Australian teenager who did some volunteer work at the sanctuary a few months ago. Passionate about wildlife and primates, she flew back home with many great souvenirs in her mind and with the determination of doing her best to support her new furry friends!

This is how, despite all the work she had at school, Robyn managed to organise a fundraiser in Perth, the city where she lives! Thanks to her father, Jason, who is working for 1620 CAPITAL in the DRCongo, Robyn managed to insert J.A.C.K. Sanctuary in the flyer of a famous football event that took place in Perth on March 25th. Yes,  our Congolese Sanctuary indeed shared a whole page in the GLORY DAYS OFFICIAL MATCHDAY PROGRAMME with the Perth football team, PERTH GLORY, as both are being supported by 1620 CAPITAL!

A wonderful idea which enabled Robyn to spread awareness on great apes and J.A.C.K. during an important event and which helped her fundraise 500USD for her chimpanzee friends!

Dear Robyn, thank YOU so much for all that you do for LUNA and the other residents of J.A.C.K. Your Love and Help are greatly appreciated and represent a lot tho THEM!

Also, many, many thanks to Jason and to 1620 CAPITAL for their wonderful support and interest in our action!  Your aid helps J.A.C.K. provide its rescued oprhans with he best care!

Thank YOU all for THEM!


TONGO is the young chimpanzee male who got regurlaly sedated in 2017 because of abscesses in the neck. Thanks to Dr Ainare’s intervention of last September, we thought the ape finally got rid of these skin issues as she removed both rotten central upper incisives from where the infection had probably spread through the ENT system.


Unfortunately, early May, TONGO developped a new abscess again underneath his right ear.

Therefore, our vet, Dr Jean Claude, decided to sedate TONGO to draw some blood, clean the abscess and take an X-ray of the chimpanzee’s head. All results were negative … TONGO’s health is an issue and we are still working on his case with vets Jean Claude & Ainare…

Also, each time our volunteer vet comes at the sanctuary, J.A.C.K. allows him to bring assistants or vet students to get used to work with great apes. Having his asistants with is a way for vet Jean Claude to spread awareness regarding the sad faith of this species in our DRC forests… These days, Jean Claude’s assitants are Elisabeth, Noëlle & Benjamin.

Thank YOU all for your good work!


On the menu today, rice balls with lentils kindly cooked by J.A.C.K. volunteer Julie – thank you so much, Julie, for taking good care of THEM!

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Volunteer Samir at work: he is cutting some bamboo for next day enrichment

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Samir comes from the UK and arrived early August to help out as a volunteer at J.A.C.K. Thanks to him, our orphans get their daily enrichment – it’s such a relief to have Samir with us since we all are completely down because of Washu’s passing!

Thank YOU, Samir, for all that you do daily for THEM!

J.A.C.K. team is made of 16 people committed daily to the welfare of the 37 orphan chimpanzees of J.A.C.K.

– 6 keepers (Ngoy, Yannik, Jeremi, Landry, Justin, Jacques),
– 1 surrogate mom in charge of kitchen (Angeline),
– 1 person in charge of green garden (Bondo),
– 2 rangers (Georges & Nkulu),
– 3 volunteers (Anne, Julie & Helena),
– 1 volunteer vet (Jean-Claude) et
– 2 volunteer founders/managers (Franck & Roxane)

Friend of J.A.C.K., EVA, who worked with us as in intern last May got an excellent note from the examining board of her school when presenting her internship report. We are so proud of her! Eva is going to start vet studies in the coming months and we are convinced she’ll come back at J.A.C.K. !

PICTURE OF THE DAY – Our wild fig pickers: keeper Yannik and Julie our volunteer… so many lovely treats for our orphans!!!

Lyna and Manon were the two volunteers who joined us last month for J.A.C.K. chimps’ health exams. Their luggage was full of goodies for our orphans and for our keepers! Manon brought some toys for our keepers’ kids and Lyna had bags of second hand clothes offered by a friend named “Gaëtan”.

The two girls decided to organise a raffle! There was a prize for each keeper plus an extra one called ‘JACK-PoT’

Everyone was happy! The raffle brought a lot of joy and laughter after a long day of work; Justin & Maman Angeline were singing, hopping up and down with impatience!!!

Justin was the happiest as he was the one who won the extra price!!!

Everyone agreed on thanking Gaëtan via a short video

And Maman Angeline could not leave without hugging the two organizers.

Many thanks again to Gaëtan, Lyna & Manon for these great moments!

Lyna is one of the two European volunteers who flew to J.A.C.K. last month to help out with the Health Checks of all our chimps.

Because her stay was of 3 weeks, Lyna kindly organised daily enrichment for our orphans who were very excited and happy to discover new things. Fresh leaves, ice blocks made in different shapes and of different tastes, socks full of treats… Our orphans have been extremely spoiled!

Lyna is now flying back home but we know she’ll come back at J.A.C.K. again!

Merci, Lyna!!!

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