Pro Wildlife supports J.A.C.K.
Pro Wildlife supports J.A.C.K.

Pro Wildlife supports J.A.C.K.

Pro Wildlife is a German organisation which, since 1999, defends several wildlife causes (elephants, bears, apes, rhinos, wales, etc) through NGO’s working all over the world.


Today, Pro Wildlife decided to help J.A.C.K. 36 chimpanzee orphans and has kindly sponsored Dr Ainare’s journey (flight tickets +all vet supplies) sothat she could work on some of our residents who needed important and/or urgent vet care.


There indeed were different vet issues at J.A.C.K.  :

(1) Doguy has had eye problems for years (uveitis). Both eyes were sick: the dead one was removed last Monday and the second one needs very particular attention!

(2) Young male PADDA has one testicle and an ultrasound scan had to tell us if the second testicle existed and where it was located. No testicle has been found, so no surgery took place for PADDA;

(3) DIAN needed an implant

(4) Young PASA had his upper mandibula slightly broken and small pieces of bone came out of the upper side of his right canine;

(5) MAYA is regularly going through anemia and weight loss. Dr Ainare wanted to focus on her case!

This morning we sedated young friend TONGO who has had several absceses for the last two months and more updates on him will follow as his case is exceptionnal…


J.A.C.K., its residents, Franck & I do thank  Pro Wildlife for its priceless support! Without this sponsorship, our sanctuary would not have been able to bring all these veterinary needs to its rescued orphans. Also, J.A.C.K. wishes to thank Dr Ainare for her time, her experience and her determination in helping J.A.C.K. ! You all rock!!

9 - sept 21

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