too many
too many

too many

Many apes are currently captured, abused by humans and even abandonned. Some of these are known through Internet since people with a great heart fight every day to bring them the best.

However, other primates don’t have such guardian angels and remain forever in the dark. These are the ones I wish to honnor today. Yes, today I want to highlight these too many forgotten ones who suffered/are suffering so much and who disappeared/are disappearing without us even knowing about them…

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All have unique stories which in some ways look alike: taken from their mom, from their groups, these primate orphansusually fall into the hands of disrepectful and ignorant people who give them a hard time! Exhausted, malnutrished, mentally and physically affected most of them finally find relief in …death!

To show you it is still too hard nowadays to find THE solution to such terrific issues, let me tell you about a recent case: a baby chimpanzee has been kept for months in a small (smelly!) wooden crate and is hardly fed. Each time the orphan sees someone passing by, he shows the emply bottle to get some fresh water…

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What’s worst in this case is that, for less than a Dollar, any visitor is allowed to enter the crate and to stay with the chimp! Also, because the owner is making money out of this, he is going to get more chimps to get more money!

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It is clear that, as long as humans have in mind animals can be commercially exploited, things will hardly change! Now the question is: will there one day be an end to all this? when will apes stop suffering?

Ignorance kill and awareness today could be the only way to put an end to that slaughter. But how long will it last before mentalities change? Chimps are said to have less than 20 years left in the wild… therefore,  as great apes can’t wait till our younger generations grow strong and ready to protect them, it is important to work with adults, with people who have a direct or an indirect link with the safeguard of primates (authorities, hunters, poachers, traders…) !

Today, 21st of September 2015, is International Day of Peace and we all hope and pray these mistreated souls will one day live and enjoy the Peace they deserve!!!


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