a quiet night
a quiet night

a quiet night

Last night’s experience kept us worried all day long.

Capture plein écran 10062015 071836

After yesterday’s night feeding time, we chechked all gates and padlocks.

Capture plein écran 10062015 072015

Also, we had a tour of the limits of our complex and decided barbed wire would at some place be neccessary on the walls to disuade people from jumping.

Capture plein écran 10062015 072047
some walls are low
Capture plein écran 10062015 072119
some walls are high

An estimated 900 USD will be needed to buy and fix the barbed wires. A huge amount of money for JACK, as the sanctuary lives on donations only and doesn’t generate funds. Therefore, an appeal will be launched later on today to collect money to help us buy and fix the wires… this situation is urgent and extremely stressful as it touches the security of the chimps immediately!

Thank you for reading us

Roxane/ J.A.C.K.



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