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SO BLESSED our #chimp orphans can always rely on our amazing donors of the SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUST!
Thank YOU all for THEM!

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💝 SEKI WAS RESCUED 12 YEARS AGO – he is one of our biggest males of the main group and is always full of energy! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, my boy!

CHITA  was already wearing that name before his arrival at lubumbashi zoo. So we kept it…

Chita is a young male and must have been about 2 years old when he arrived in j.a.c.k.

He spent the beginning of his young life in a congolese family. But, becoming too dangerous for them, he was gived to the lubumbashi zoo and we then recovered it.

We called him the “boss” because he always had the build and strength to move forward with the group.
Only, the arrival of a male older than him in the group has changed everything.

Today, he still has a place in the group and always gets respect.

To sponsor one of our chimpanzees and know a little more about their stories, it’s over here on our website

Thank you for following us 🥰

Nothing better than being able to watch our residents share a good meal together!

With this group picture, J.A.C.K. wishes you a great Wednesday!

Vitamin C cure!

Thank you to the generous donors for allowing us to offer our chimps these wonderful oranges.

What a good start for the new year !

Every donation matters 💚 thank you for them!

 The whole team and all the chimpanzees of J.A.C.K. want to thank you for the trust and kindness you give them throughout the year 💖

Happiness, Peace and Success are built every day. So let’s start putting all chances on our side.

We wish you all the best !

Happy New Year 2020!

Thanks to the precious support of our donors we managed to offer our team new boots for Christmas! A very appreciated gift especially during this rainy season!

Thank you again to all the Friends who follow us and who help us – every single donation means a lot to all of us at J.A.C.K.!

🎄 HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all the Friends of J.A.C.K who follow and help us. Your Trust and Love make us accomplish great things in this forgotte part of the world.


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