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If I maintain the chronology of J.A.C.K. story, the next theme to speak about that comes into my mind is ANGELINE.

Angeline is the first surrogate mother we had just after the fire. Before the tragedy, two young men had been in charge of the babies during day but decided to stop working when JAK and TOUZO died.

Angeline with Bachi (left) and Shasa (right)

Angeline with Bachi (left) and Shasa (right)

 Angeline playing with the chimps

Angeline  playing with the chimpanzee babies

Angeline is a young mother (two kids). Having studied Biology at Lubumbashi University, Angeline has always had interest in Nature and Wildlife. From the day she had been introduced to CHITA, BACHI and SHASA, her feelings have grown SO strong towards the chimp orphans that she has ever since  been calling them « my children ».

 Angeline is a good mother 

Most of the very little ones like to hang on her back

Franck and I got really impressed by her. Angeline is the kind of person with a very good heart and has always been ready to do anything for the chimpanzee babies. Climbing trees, rolling with them in the grass, singing lullabies are attitudes very natural and full of sense to her.

Angeline bathing Zamba with Doguy on her back

Angeline bathing ZAMBA with little DOGUY on her back

Also, because she knows them all very well, she can immediately see when there’s something wrong . I remember, one day, she told me Chita (the dominant male) wasn’t in good condition. After having checked the young chimp thouroughly, and having found no particular sign of illness, I decided to wait before calling the vet.

The next day, Chita had fever, his right hand was terribly swollen and he couldn’t use it anymore. It appeared to be full of infection due to a worm located inside the skin. This is very common here: a particular fly, the tumbu fly (Cordylobia anthropophaga), lays its eggs on your clothes and if you don’t iron properly, eggs enter in your skin and generate little whitish larvaes eating your flesh. Of course, it’s awfully soar and a human can immediately feel something’s wrong. But, a chimp can’t speak and if not seen on time, this disease can take extreme proportions. The scientific name is Furunculosis myasis caused by the Cayor worm.

 Chita’s swollen hand

Chita’s hand was soar and terribly swollen

Chita couldn’t walk properly 

Chita walked with his left hand lifted

Bad infection

Chita’s hand was full of infection

Our little orphans get blankets at night, especially during dry season (= our winter). Chita loves to wrap himself up in sheets, can’t sleep without his blanket and very often steals the others’. A blanket problably hadn’t been ironed properly causing Chita so much pain and, since then, blankets are bleached, boiled and ironed on both sides every day.

 Chita loves blankets

Chita loves blankets


Chita at the very beginning. He now has become the alpha male of the group

Angeline is also in charge of the kitchen. She’s the one I trained to cut the food and to prepare the meals for the babies. She knows exactly the preferences of each baby and organises every meal with a lot of care and attention.

 Angeline preparing food

Preparing food for the little ones

Today, Angeline has been working with us for about 1 1/2 year. The chimps of the refuge just love her and her surname is most appropriate as Angeline is really an « angel » for them. Thank you so much, Angeline, for your love and your devotion!

All the chimps love Angeline

All the chimps do love Angeline

JACK thanks Kevin for his monthly donation (10$) received end of February. And thanks to all readers, whatever their language, whatever their nationality.

Roxane, Franck and the Chimps

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  2. Angeline is just wonderful!! The chimps are solucky tohave her. Please ensure Angeline knows that her work isSO valued here in the UK. Many of us here are watching the JACK blogs.
    You are all doing such amazing work. Thank you from the heart.

  3. cathy-california

    What a wonderful story. What a wonderful human being. You are all heroes and deserve so much recognition for the brilliant work you do. I’m so jealous of Angeline–love to be doing her job.

  4. Lisa, California

    WHAT A WOMAN! Angeline deserves Woman of the Year and we can use that picture of all the chimps hanging on her as proof! They absolutely love her. That much is totally apparent. Angeline, you are one lucky lady. I hope you know that. There are not many people in this world that have such a fantastic job. Thank you for your dedication and unconditional love of these beautiful little creatures. Lisa

  5. Um, that was Sherri S., not me!

    Angeline is a goddess. What a great job she has, too. OK, this thing about ironing everything to keep out an invasive worm – that’ll give me nightmares. I’m glad y’all are used to it and can take care of the problem. Chita is quite the handsome chimp.


  6. Theresa Siskind St Petersburg FL

    Angeline is one hard worker! I agree with Sheryl, please share our admiration with her. You know, I learned a lot from your post today. Your care of the blankets alone must be a lot of work and time. Which makes wonder about your electrical power and power shortages. On your donation list, power installation is mentioned. Can you tell us more about this? Do you have enough generators?

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