Banda and Bunia
Banda and Bunia

Banda and Bunia


We are on the night of September 8 to 9, 2022. Five baby chimpanzees are sleeping peacefully in their night rooms at  J.A.C.K. Sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Around 2am and unbeknownst to the two armed eco-guards on patrol and the keeper on duty that night, malicious people break into the Sanctuary. Thanks to internal complicity, these people gain access to the babies’ dormitories, open the multiple security padlocks without breaking them and steal the babies who are no doubt already drugged (Diazepam).

Monga, Hussein, César, Banda and Bunia disappear into the night. The thugs make their way through the forest surrounding J.A.C.K. However, Banda and Bunia must not be drugged enough and the kidnappers decide to leave them to their fate at 3am, in the middle of the forest…. Indeed, probably making too much noise, they would most certainly disturb them in their kidnapping.

At 4am, when the kidnappers send the first photos of the stolen babies to our Foundress, Roxane (her husband was away), she can only recognise 3 babies and drives as quickly as possible to the Sanctuary where Banda and Bunia were found coming out of the forest. Attached to each other and frightened, they had no doubt been attracted by the spotlights in the kitchen and thus found their way home alone.

Since this Friday, September 9, 2022, Banda and Bunia have been separated from their 3 friends, César, Hussein and Monga.

Bunia, the older of the two and also the more maternal, remains traumatized. Even today, she mourns her friends and always looks towards the forest as if she is eagerly waiting for her 3 best friends to return to her.

Baby Banda is much younger than Bunia but is nonetheless in shock – let’s just say she expresses it differently…

The situation is very complex for these two survivors and we do our best to help them go forward. They have seen everything, witnessed everything and know who from inside the Sanctuary participated in the abduction. Yes, because you should know that a baby chimpanzee never jumps into the arms of strangers! Banda and Bunia know the truth and try to digest it.

Affected by the kidnapping of their 3 best friends, Banda and Bunia deserve more Love and and care. Some generous sponsors helped J.A.C.K. reinforce the security of their day and night facilities. However, other expenses remain and this is where YOU can help, since the two babies need:

  • veterinary care (vitamins and deworming drugs)
  • food care: the little ones are growing and they need good fresh fruits and vegetables
  • and milk powder imported from Europe!

Our French Charity offers the possibility to donate onto its Banda & Bunia crowdfunding project which is to be found on the following link:

Finally, a sponsorship option (6 months/1 year) is possible for the ones of you  who wish to know more about the babies and to follow their rehabilitation at J.A.C.K. . Here are the links to

Thank you for caring about these two little ones and many thanks also to all the people who still keep MONGA, HUSSEIN and CESAR in their thoughts and prayers. THEY MUST NOT BE FORGOTTEN!