BOYOMA, the island of hope
BOYOMA, the island of hope

BOYOMA, the island of hope


It is with great honor that we announce an incredible news.

Since its foundation in 2006, J.A.C.K. has never ceased to fight the trafficking of chimpanzees and other endangered primates, brutally uprooted from their natural habitat to be sold outside the DRC.

The direct consequence of such challenge is the constant, massive arrival of orphaned primates demanding ever more care, attention and space.

Currently 180 primates are housed at the J.A.C.K. Sanctuary, on the verge of saturation, compromising our mission to save more and end trafficking.

The creation of a new sanctuary on an island located just off the shores of Kisangani, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our new partner QATO FOUNDATION  and in collaboration with PASA , will allow us to realize our most cherished dream by offering these victims a safe forest like a paradise on earth.

The aim is threefold: to relieve congestion at the sanctuary, to continue the fight against the trafficking raging in this part of the DRC, and to reintroduce these animals to their native forest.

Our warmest thanks go to Qato Foundation, Mr. Hans Wasmoeth and PASA for giving all these primates, wounded by man, a second chance. 

Aksanti Sana 

(Thank you, translated from Swahili).