Mission LODJA 3 –  a real success!
Mission LODJA 3 – a real success!

Mission LODJA 3 – a real success!

Great news for today!

The 20 monkeys rescued and confiscated these last weeks by APPACOL-PRN arrived safe and sound at J.A.C.K.

A private plane was hired to transfer the monkeys from Lodja (Sankuru Provinceà to Katanga, Southern Upper Katanga province in the DRC. Mr Héritier MPO, Founder and CEO of APPACOL-PRN travelled with the 20 desperate souls and brought them to J.A.C.K. , our  primate sanctuary where these orphans are going to receive all the TLC they need as well as the best veterinary care.

The plane took off just before noon and arrived at Luano airport, Lubumbashi, about 6 hours later.  Founder Franck was at the airport to collect the newcomers.

Each and every single primate went through a health check. Dehydration, open wounds, broken tails, cut toes were on the agenda.

Two newcomers had immediate surgery as their tail was broken/wounded and badly infected.

Two male black crested mangabeys had x-rays on the next day since they couldn’t walk normally. It was found out the two of them had fractured hips. They have been isolated.

Half of the residents needed permanent care and have been transferred to our Founders’ house for observation and intensive care. The very young ones get milk bottles every 2 to 3 hours…

The other half was set into quarantine at the primate sanctuary.

Again, we do thank Mr MPO Héritier and his APPACOL-PRN team for rescuing all these lives and for commitment in saving DRC wildlife heritage.

We also thank HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL for having contributed to the transfer of the 20 primates and to their rehabilitation at our sanctuary.