Children helping J.A.C.K
Children helping J.A.C.K

Children helping J.A.C.K

Dear All,


Last Saturday, the Belgian school of Lubumbashi organized a Mother’s Day Programme. This particular event usually takes place  in the month of May and all the kids of the primary school  are on the stage.


This year, and thanks to some kids of the 5th Grade, the Programme was slightly different from the ones of the previous years.

Yes, as Mrs. Sandrine and her pupils of the 5th grade have known our NGO since its early beginnings, they decided to do something very unusual during the celebration: they wanted to speak on behalf of JACK .

Therefore, small groups of pupils went  straight to adults. Their aim wasn’t  to get funds only. They mainly wanted to  make people aware about the trade of Chimpanzees through Katanga Province and to tell people to stop buying or eating Great Apes. Our young spokesmen clearly explained JACK’s purpose and objectives and some of them even convinced parents to join JACK in its awareness programme.


Adults were very surprised to see such determined youngsters  involved in fundraising for the rescued chimpanzees of JACK.what-is-jack.jpg

 Also, during the Programme, JACK had been allowed by the school  to sell a few things thus collecting funds in aid of the chimpanzee orphans. Two ladies, Mrs. Chantal and Mrs. Sandrine (both teachers at the Belgian school) actually worked all afternoon for JACK. 



This experience was interesting as well for us as for the teachers and the young kids of the 5th grade. They had set themselves a particular mission to accomplish and , although it was their first experience, this has been an excellent and extraordinary achievement!  


Franck and I are extremely proud of what they all have done:  imagine, the sale and the collected funds of the kids have enabled JACK in paying last month’s salaries (7 workers of the Refuge)  – isn’t that wonderful ?


Well done the 5th grade! And well done dear teachers! The chimpanzees of the Refuge Centre are grateful to all of you for  these great things that you have achieved for them. MERCI   BEAUCOUP ! !



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