End of fundraising event
End of fundraising event

End of fundraising event

The « GIVING DAY FOR APES » fundraising event has come to an end and, although some donations are still coming in, we can already say J.A.C.K. has reached about 47% of the needed funds (10.000$) to cover 3 months of food and vet care for the 36 chimpanzee orphans.

Donations have been collected through 3 different fundraisers:

  •  via RAZOO website of  ‘GIVING DAY FOR APES »
  • via our French charity « LES AMIS DE JACK »
  • via our wonderful friends of the « SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUST » who did their own fundraising event for the chimpanzees of J.A.C.K. in Sweden. Many thanks to You too, SCT Team & Donors!

The funds that have been collected through this woldwide event will enable J.A.C.K. to provide its residents with the best care for the 6 coming weeks. Yes, 6  weeks completely offered by the generosity of great friends but also 6 weeks of relief as these days it’s getting very hard to find decent food for our orphans.

Know that Franck and I are very happy for our ‘hairy’ family and that we both are extremely grateful to the wonderful people who donated. Their solidarity makes us feel less lonely in this part of the world and encourages us to continue the fight!

Thank YOU dear Donors for THEM!

Your support is greatly appreciated!!

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