Giving Day for Apes
Giving Day for Apes

Giving Day for Apes

J.A.C.K. Sanctuary is a self-funded Congolese NGO created in 2006 by Franck and Roxane Chantereau.

Chimpanzees were being sold and smuggled for the meat trade through their home town of Lubumbashi. The chimpanzees were often locked in cages and boxes with no water or food.

In an effort to stop this illegal trade, Franck and Roxane partnered with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Environmental authorities to enforce the laws protecting endangered wildlife.

J.A.C.K is a sanctuary that provides these legally confiscated chimpanzees with a decent home and with all the love and care they need to recover mentally and physically from the trauma they have endured as a result of the illegal trade.

Because of Frank and Roxane’s commitment to establishing J.A.C.K., today no more chimpanzees are for sale on the streets of Lubumbashi.

However, although J.A.C.K. has been successful in its mission to stop this illegal trade, their is an ongoing need to feed and look after the health of these rescued chimpanzees. This is no simple task. Things aren’t that easy in this part of the world. The DRC is constantly at war or regularly goes through political unrest that makes getting even the basic supplies such as food and medicine a difficult and expensive task.

J.A.C.K relies solely on donations and needs additional support. A small donation of just $5 could ensure a chimp is getting the required care it needs such as nutritional food, medicine and enrichment items.

Please donate to us to help us give these amazing chimpanzees the life they deserve and help us put a stop to the illegal trade of apes to ensure they will be with us for many more years to come.

Thank YOU for THEM!


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