good news for today!
good news for today!

good news for today!

Yes, see by yourself on the picture below: Maman Angeline is back!!  We were all too excited having her back with us and even baby Mata panthooted in surprise and happiness. He immediately recognised his surrogate mom – Maman Angeline seemed emotionaly affected of this welcome and thanked us more than 20 times for all the good care and for all the love she had received during the last 3 weeks… She was convinced she was going to die and is so thankful to JACK and its supporters, friends and team members for all they did to help her go through these painful moments….


Also, another good news is that yesterday, in a few minutes, JACK reached the 500 Euros needed to cover all the expenses of Maman Angeline’s care in hospital and for the different drugs and treatments she has had so far (painkillers, physio, etc). But J.A.C.K. got more than expected: instead of 500 Euros, the Sanctuary received 653 Euros which is more than we had predicted and this to the kind generosity of a good friend of J.A.C.K., Chantal J, and of Candy D.M. who has been following us for so long from the States and who does her best to help!


Many thanks to all of you who supported us finacially but also emotionaly during these hard times. It’s been good having you around 🙂

 Thank YOU again for Maman Angeline!!!


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