Help us protect chimpanzees
Help us protect chimpanzees

Help us protect chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are endangered species. In 1960, there was an estimated one million chimpanzees in Africa. Today, hardly 172,000 to 300,000 individuals are said to be left. About 40% of this remaining population lives in DRC.

Unfortunately, nearly no action is taken in the Democratic Republic of the CONGO to protect them. Chimpanzees are still being poached, eaten and sold. This species will soon become extinct if awareness is not advocated to stop the trade.

Shall we let our closest relatives disappear?

Help us stop the illegal wildlife trade. Learn more about J.A.C.K. Sanctuary and about its action in Southern DRC.


Today, J.A.C.K.  takes care of:

* 38 chimpanzees

* 2 bush babies


At J.A.C.K. we have :

8 Congolese staff

2 ICCN rangers hired for security of team and chimps at the Sanctuary

3 local volunteers: 2 managers (founders Franck & Roxane) and  1 Congolese vet, Dr Jean Claude Binemo

0 international volunteer as we haven’t started any voluteer programme yet

1 double mission to stop the illegal trade of endangered species throughout Katanga (Southern Province of DRC) and to provide a sanctuary for Chimpanzees seized by DRC Authorites.

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