More pictures of JAC !
More pictures of JAC !

More pictures of JAC !

Dear all,


I feel so bad because there were picture problems with the latest post, and to apologize, I’ve posted extra pictures of JAC’s introduction.  It is true, Sheryl, JAC now looks happy and this is a real victory. Who knows were JAC would have been today if a friend hadn’t seen him for sale on that local market?


Just like most of the others, JAC has miraculously survived and it is JACK’s duty to give these orphans a second chance. You see, although life can be very tough and sometimes dangerous here in Congo, well, I dare say I’m privileged and it’s a honor to me to help this species


Okay, let’s come back to JAC: have a look at the following  pictures!



JAC wasn’t used to that prickly grass, so when running, he lifted his legs and feet up! He had a funny way to run and the others strangely looked at him


Playing of course with his friend, WIMBI.


Searching for WIMBI!


After all that running and playing, JAC wanted to sit and rest for a while…


… but the others simply wanted to continue the game…



From th early beginning, JAC has enjoyed his new environment. Franck and I knew he was ready to face something completely different and, today,  we are still  surprisingly amazed to see how fast JAC has got on well with all the members of the group !

Well done, JAC !



Before ending, J.A.C.K. wishes to thank Birgitta S. (10$) and Theresa S.  (10$) for their  monthly donations.  Your support is important to help J.A.C.K. in providing the best conditions to the chimp orphans.


Hope you enjoyed the extra pics and that they came out all right.


Roxane, Franck & the Chimps



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  2. Christine C.

    HI Roxanne — I also started a monthly donation whne the sites were going crazy, can you please let me know if you are getting something from Kevin C.?

  3. Wanda, Atlanta

    Roxanne I did a chimp treat and fuel donation but I hope it shows up at some point — it was when the site was acting nutty — I will redo in a few months if you don’t see it start to come thru — by the way love the pics!! Thanks. I can’t wait for Friday night for « Escape to Chimp Eden » — I also support Chimp Haven in Keitheville LA which has government lab chimps retired and Save the Chimps in Ft. Pierce, Florida – you are all wonderful places – I believe it is the beginning for the chimps and bonobos -life is going to be better from now on with you guys and others like you on the watch!

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