October donations: boots, outfits, gloves, and fruits!
October donations: boots, outfits, gloves, and fruits!

October donations: boots, outfits, gloves, and fruits!

Dear All,

This is an update on the donations you sent to J.A.C.K. end of last October in order to help us buying new boots for our team to start the rainy season !

Our sanctuary was donated more than expected and wish to share with you the different expenses that have been made thanks to your good heart!

When deducing banking fees, J.A.C.K. has been donated a total amount of 902.12 $ ( = 457.85 Euros + 313.31 USD) ! Again, many thanks to Elianne E., Sébastien & Mathilde, Laurence D., Hakim B., Véronique T., Florence V., Carole V., Florence C., Marie-Odile L., Hilde O., Marc H., Lucette P., Alain S., Kelly J., Catherine M., Wanda H., Christine C. and Marika for their precious help!

Because J.A.C.K. received more than expected, we therefore decided to import from Zambia some treats that the chimps love:  oranges and apples !!!

Also, our team wasn’t only offered boots: they also received brand new outfits as well as new strong gloves…

Thanks to your donations, there has been some bright sunshine at J.A.C.K. during these gloomy days of power and water issues we now have had for several weeks! Know that the team and the chimps are extremely grateful for your wonderful help!

Today, 101,38 USD are left and will be used for medication as rainy season sadly goes along with flu season…. I’ll update on this balance soon…Here are the invoices of the different purchases (boots, outfits and gloves) . Fruits were bought on a market, so, sorry, we haven’t been able to have invoices for this!

1/ incoice boots

2/ invoice outfits 

3/ invoice gloves

Again, J.A.C.K. team and boarders wish to thank you all for your interest and your wish to participate! Merci à tous pour votre soutien et votre envie de participer!











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