Dear All,

Sankuru Environmental Services together with the Security Service of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (AFDRC) have just seized a young bonobo. The trader who had been holding the bonobo was arrested by the AFDRC as he was about to leave Sankuru province for the neighboring province of Kasai Central. With our partner on the ground, APPACOL-PRN, we are doing absolutely everything possible to save this poor orphan who is between life and death. We urgently need your help.

Rescuing wildlife in the middle of the forest requires experience and a great deal of local knowledge. Especially when dirt roads are almost impassable, bridges are broken and you have to juggle between motorcycle and boats/dugout canoes to reach your destination and complete the rescue mission.

But the complexity today lies in the baby primate’s state of health. His condition is critical and requires urgent help. First of all, he needs an infusion with vitamins to rehydrate him. Further care will be provided by a nurse once he has stabilized, and a surrogate mother will be at his side to comfort him and give him the warmth and love he needs.

Here are some donation ideas if you wish to be part of this rescue:

  • food (fruits, vegetables, milk) …..20$
  • vet care ( drips, vitamines, rehydration salts, antibiotics, deworming drugs) …. 25$
  • land rescue (motorbikes, dugout canoes) …… 50$
  • surrogate mother … 70$
  • medical assistant (we need a nurse to put the drips and provide care) … 80$
  • road expenses & catering rescue team …… 100$

Donations take place via the Paypal account of our US-based 501(c)(3) charity FRIENDS OF JACK PRIMATE SANCTUARY and are tax deductible as permitted by law.

Keep on following us via our social media platfoms for updates on this baby and send him all your Love and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Thank YOU for HIM!