Our friend Jac
Our friend Jac

Our friend Jac

Hi all!

Just wanted to give you some update of Jac, our little friend I started blogging with


Introduced into the main group last February, Jac received protection of the eldest female, Shasa.


SHASA taking care of Jac



Today, Jac has found his place in the main  group and gets on well with all his mates.

Jac loves eating. His previous owner didn’t feed him properly and the chimpanzee baby was underfed on his arrival. Now, you immediately recognise him: look at his tummy!


Jac has made a lot of progress and his appearance has changed completely: compare both pictures below – you can hardly say it is the same baby chimpanzee…

BEFORE (september 2007)


AFTER (June 2008)


Rescuing him has been a tough and stressful experience, but it was worth doing it! Jac has recovered all that pain he suffered from and now seems to be happy among the other chimps of our group…

Dear Friends, although now each of you can see the donations on the blog, I do thank you again for your help and support. Donations are very important for the development of our Refuge. Thank you a lot!


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  3. Wanda, Atlanta

    Oh Roxanne you could never post too many of these kinds of pics and stories — I wish I could read one every day — to see him come to this from what he was — oh my!!!!!!!

  4. Christine C.

    Oh Roxane, Jac is just beautiful…I cannot believe how healthy and happy he looks. I know it must have taken so much time and efforts on the great staff at JACK to get him to this place, but it must be so very satifying. And kudos to the wonderful and amazing Shasa for taking him under her wing. It just brightens my day so much when we get good news from you!!!

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