Rescue of 25 primates (part 6)

The works to build the facilities to accomodate at best the 25 monkeys from Zimbabwe are progressing very well and we will soon share new pictures for you the appreciate the evolution of what has been achieved.

Today, we would like to introduce the team which has been working since end of October on this beautiful project: welder, bricklayers, painters, electrician and plumber… a complete and wonderful team of artisans known from everyone at J.A.C.K. (chimpanzees included) because they have been part of many many building projects of the sanctuary.

For years, J.A.C.K. could have hired building companies to develop the complex. However, some of these companies here are not serious, work slowly and charge a lot! Therefore, the sanctuary has been working with a qualified team of artisans who are part of the social program of J.A.C.K.: working at the sanctuary thus represents a way to support their families and children… In these times of pandemic, to have a job is very important and the Founders of the sanctuary are happy they can help!

All these workers are always around when J.A.C.K. needs them to improve the complex.

Georges, Kazadi, Moïse, Serge and assitants: thank YOU all for the great work you do at J.A.C.K.!