Swollen face
Swollen face

Swollen face

Dear friends of J.A.C.K.,

Little Luna is among the youngest chimp orphans we take care of at J.A.C.K. She was introduced in the nursery group in August 2012 and has settled in without any problem.


When checking the chimps from head to toe the other day, I noticed Luna had a red spot just left of her nose.The next day, the red spot had swollen and, from day to day, the bump became bigger and bigger.


Advice was then asked from our vet Jean Claude as well as from Dr Carmen Vidal from the Lwiro Sanctuary. Luna had without any doubt been stung by an insect and the bite had become infected!!


Luna’s face was checked daily and one day all the infection came out of the bump. You could see there was relief on the little primate’s face since that swollen stuff must have been sooooo sore!!


Luna got isolated for several weeks as the wound left by the infection was open and needed to be cleaned thoroughly. Once the skin had regenerated, Luna was set back into her group.

healing wound

It was big brother Tika who was over excited to see his little friend back. He was so happy he refused any other member of the group to come close to Luna…

Tika & Luna

Luna is now doing fine again and we are very very happy for her!


J.A.C.K. / Roxane


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