Thank you, dear Adopters
Thank you, dear Adopters

Thank you, dear Adopters

Yes, today, JACK would like to say a special ‘THANK YOU’ to all the Friends who are part of the adoption program.

Our sanctuary looks after 39 chimpanzees aged between 3 and 13 years old, which represents a lot of work but also high costs! To cover food, veterinary supplies, wages of our 8 workers + different taxes, we need about $ 2,000/month. You can now imagine how tough and hard it is for an NGO to collect such amount every month and how precious donations are!!

Therefore, adopters’ support is also crucial to the well being of the orphans and there is no word to express our gratitude as, thanks to the adopter’s Love and Interest, we can provide these rescued chimp orphans with the best care!

Dear Adopters, thank YOU all so much for your support! Your adoptions represent a lot to THEM and we hope you will be able to help your adopted chimpanzee friend(s) again in 2016!

Thank YOU for THEM!

thank you GF & GM

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