The Rangers of JACK
The Rangers of JACK

The Rangers of JACK

Since the 2013 arson, our sanctuary is hiring  armed Rangers to ensure security of the complex, of the team and of course of the chimps!


Yes, remember, since JACK started in 2006, the sanctuary faced several acts of sabotage among which two criminal fires who cost the lives of two orphan chimpanzees: JAK & TOUZO.  

Jak assassiné

Saving wildlife isn’t easy! Rescueing apes isn’t always a way of getting good friends even if the rescued primates have been legally confiscated by DRC Environment offcials and handed over to us! People over here are lawless. And because trading chimpanzees brings in a lot of money, the so said « owners » from whom the primates have been taken are very often very angry, look for a scapegoat and believe JACK is responsible for all their hardships.

incendie 2013

Therefore security of the sanctuary had become a priority! So, since JACK is working with its partner, the I.C.C.N.  ICCN(Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature), we asked this local institution to help us protect its rescued patrimony.


This is how Georges & Nkulu, two Rangers, have quit their job in the local National Parks and started working with us at JACK. At first, they were 3 Rangers, but one of them,André, left us in 2015.


Last year, there was an unwelcome visitor at night at JACK and Ranger Nkulu didn’t manage to catch the intruder…

But recently, another unexpected visitor entered the sanctuary at night and was caught by Nkulu. The young intruder was handed over to the Police. He said he didn’t want to harm the chimps nor ruin anything. He said curiosity only had brought him to enter at JACK…

Captures d'écran64

We are very happy JACK has these two Rangers! However, hiring them represent a lot of money and we are extremely fortunate one of our sponsors, who wants to remain anonymous, has accepted to provide security at JACK by covering all the fees (salary, food & transport) of Georges and Nkulu! If we didn’t have this wonderful sponsorship, JACK wouldn’t be able to afford the Rangers and they wouldn’t be part of our team…

Many thanks to  Nkulu & Georges for their work at JACK and also many many thanks to our anonymous sponsor without whom there won’t be any security at JACK!


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