The welding machine
The welding machine

The welding machine

Hi Everyone,

As Chantal told you last week, my family and I took 12 days off. Since we started JACK two years ago, we had never had the opportunity to take more than 2-3 days off all together. When you are starting up a Centre like JACK, it isn’t easy to find a reliable  person ready to take over such huge responsibilities. So, Chantal felt fine to run JACK on her own, obliged us to have a break and did an excellent job! THANK YOU again, Chantal,  for having devoted your time to the Refuge and to the chimps!

In a previous post, I spoke about the welding machine we ordered and wanted to buy with your donations. Well, a few days ago, Franck bought the machine and it is now at the refuge.



Because the price of the machine had been increased, Mister Deepak Parnami, the manager of the YAMAHA Shop of Lubumbashi, agreed to make a discount keeping thus the same amount as asked and collected thanks to your kindness. Thank you again, Mister Parmani !


The purchase of this machine is very very important. JACK must improve its facilities and provide better night accomodation to the growing chimpanzee orphans. The works will start in September and will be finished by the beginning of the rainy season (early November). I’ll keep you posted and will send you the pictures !!!


Again a great THANK  YOU to all of you : this purchase couldn’t have taken place if you hadn’t sent JACK the money ! And, remember, your donations are crucial to the development of our small rescue center for young chimps seized by local authorities!!!



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  1. Deepak Parnami

    Thank you JACK. you are doing a great job. Thanks to people who contributed for this noble cause. I am now based in Mumbai..tell me if I can do something from here
    Deepak Parnami

  2. Yes, we were lucky that Mr Deepak kept the same price. This is a real good thing. Also yes, we had a good vacation and we managed to relax a lot. 12 days seem short, but it was better than nothing !

  3. Christine C.

    Roxane — I feel quite a bit of relief knowing that you finally were able to get this welding machine…and kudos to the gentalman who sold it to you for giving you a price break…I guess it could have gone the opposite way, given that he knew how badly you need it. I hope you had a wonderful vacation and managed to get some relaxation in!!!

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