Updates on day 1 of J.A.C.K. Health Checks
Updates on day 1 of J.A.C.K. Health Checks

Updates on day 1 of J.A.C.K. Health Checks

All checks and sedations went well!

Today we started with the youngest orphans of our sanctuary and they are all doing well!

We are extremely sad the 3rd volunteer didn’t arrive! The 3rd lady is a vet qualified in great apes and we were all very excited to meet her! She apparently didn’t get her DRC visa. A real nightmare to J.A.C.K. since we all were longing for her to share her experience with us and, in addition to this, she was coming with drugs we really needed for the health checks!

Today, our team was made of the two volunteers who arrived last week, Manon & Lyna, our DRC volunteer vet, Dr Binemo Jean Claude and my self.




Also, every day, J.A.C.K. has 5 extra people coming to attend the Health Checks: students of the Lubumbashi Vet University and students of the local Public health school. J.A.C.K. wants to give these final-year-students the chance to see how we all work  during this particular event, to make them understand why these checks are important to our residents and why J.A.C.K. is struggling every day to rescue them!  J.A.C.K. Health Checks seems to have become a way to spread awareness too on Great Apes and their survival in the DRC!


Many thanks to all the people who took part this Sunday in the first part of our Health Checks. Many, many thanks also to the tem of J.A.C.K who has to carry on its daily work with the chimps in addition to this paticular event at the Sanctuary!

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