Updates on Doguy & Bihati-
Updates on Doguy & Bihati-

Updates on Doguy & Bihati-

Last week, we talked about Doguy and Bihati : Doguy went through surgery last month and Bihati fell very sick (malaria).

Today, we can say there is some improvement.

  •  Doguy: his ear is now less swollen and there is still one stitch on the back of his ear. We’ve decided to keep him isolated a few more days as his friends might get rid of the stitch and hurt Doguy’s ear again…


  • Bihati is slightly better (no more fever, no lethargy) and was set back in her group yesterday. But because she is too slim, we isolate her at feeding time to be sure she takes in all the food. She is on a vitamin B treatment (+iron) and has a special diet . We keep our fingers crossed Bhati will continue improving..


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